Top tips for surviving the warmer weather whilst pregnant

Don’t let the soaring temperatures stop you from enjoying yourself (and your growing bump!). Follow our quick guide to stay cool, comfortable, and healthy during warmer weather whilst pregnant.

Top tips for surviving the warmer weather whilst pregnant:

  1. Get outdoors early. Beat the heat, and head out before 10 am to run errands, go for a walk, or take your older kids to the park. If the mornings are a struggle, wait until the evenings when the sun is low and the temperature has dropped. 
  2. Drink plenty of liquids, and always have a water bottle with you to sip on. Pregnant women need to drink about 50 percent more water compared with your water intake before pregnancy.
  3. Carry a water spray bottle to give yourself the occasional spritz to keep cool.
  4. Take quick cool showers if you’re home and just can’t seem to stop perspiring (or go swimming for some bonus exercise).
  5. Apply a high SPF sunscreen 20 minutes before going out, even on overcast days.
  6. Elevate your feet whenever you can to alleviate leg and feet swelling. 
  7. Stay indoors when temperatures get over at least 32 degrees celsius.
  8.  Ask for help if you’re too tired to cook, clean, or go out to run errands.
  9. Don’t schedule in activities unless you absolutely have to.
  10. Take frequent naps if possible, or at least go to bed early (especially if you’re going to be tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable).
  11. Minimise (but don’t eliminate) your salt intake, which will reduce water retention.
  12. Wear light coloured and breathable maternity clothing.
  13. Beware of food that’s been sitting in the sun at picnics and bbq’s.
  14. Wear comfortable and breathable shoes (you may even need to go up half a size).
  15. Head to places with air conditioners for a change of scenery, such as museums, libraries, cinemas, and shopping centres. 
  16. Why don’t you take a babymoon! Get away somewhere lovely and relax while sipping on mocktails. 

For those days when you’re hot, sweaty, and cranky, here are a few reminders why being pregnant during the warmer months is great:

  • You don’t have to wear a ton of layers, or buy expensive maternity coats.
  • Depending on how far along you are (and where you’re located), you might be welcoming your new baby just as the weather cools down, rather than in the chilly months.
  • In Australia, if your maternity leave is over summer, you’ll have time off to enjoy the festive season.
  • If you give birth in the summer, you’ll be dodging the awful cold and flu season.
  • You get longer daylight hours and everyone’s usually more cheerful, so bask in the sun’s energy.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are in abundance (and it’s perfectly acceptable to eat ice cream anytime!)
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