Natural Ways to Increase Your Fertility

If you are having difficulties getting pregnant there are a number of ways you can increase your chances without resorting to the usual medical treatments. In this article, we list many different natural fertility options that are less invasive, work well and are extremely convenient.

Top 10 techniques to increase your natural fertility

The inability to conceive is affecting more and more couples. However, very few women are actually clinically infertile. Many are just not physically and emotionally ready. However, there are ways to optimise your health so that you can conceive naturally.

  • Monitor your basal body temperature– This will help you determine when you are ovulating. Basal body temperature is one way of estimating the day of ovulation, indicating when is the best time to have sexual intercourse to increase the chances of getting pregnant. This measurement refers to your temperature following sleep or prior to any physical action being performed.
  • Keep track of your cervical mucus– Have a fertility chart, as this will increase your awareness of when you’re ovulating.
  • Sexual positions– In order to increase your chances of becoming pregnant your partner should deposit his sperm as close as possible to your cervix. Some positions allow this to happen more than others. The missionary position is ideal, as it also allows deeper penetration. Avoid having sexual intercourse while standing, sitting or with you on top because this can cause semen to stay out of your body. In addition, try elevating your hips for fifteen minutes after having sex.
  • Regular exercise– Being overweight can negatively affect ovulation and hormones. It can also put women at risk of health problems and create complications during pregnancy. Therefore, regular exercise and losing some weight can be helpful.
  • If underweight, gain weight– Women who are underweight are less likely to ovulate. There are some women experiencing amenorrhea (no menstrual period) and some are menstruating irregularly. Always remember that even being slightly underweight can significantly reduce a woman’s natural fertility. Fertility begins to tumble for women with BMIs of below 18.
  • Have a healthy and a balanced diet– A healthy, balanced diet will lead to a normal BMI, which can improve your fertility. Reducing your intake of fatty, sweet and salty foods can prevent diabetes and other health problems that will decrease your ability to conceive and cause complications during pregnancy.
  • Control caffeine consumption– According to research, consumption of more than 300mg of caffeine every day, can reduce a women’s natural fertility. Since this limit is relatively high, you can still have a cup of coffee in the morning, as an 8-ounce serving only contains 100-130mg of caffeine. Therefore, you can still drink coffee in moderation. In addition, chocolate, black tea, green tea, and some sodas also contain caffeine.
  • Stop smoking– According to research, smoking can damage your egg cells. Therefore, quitting can boost your fertility and will improve the quality of your eggs. In addition, avoid second-hand smoke, as it can also affect hormone levels.
  • Fertility herbs– This is a natural fertility option that can improve your chances of getting pregnant. There are many different herbs available that can increase your ability to conceive. For example, chaste tree berries will help reduce hormonal imbalances and act on the pituitary gland, increasing progesterone and lutenising hormone levels in your body. Dong quai helps improves your chances by balancing oestrogen levels and regulating menstrual cycles. Wild yam can also improve your chances by increasing progesterone levels. Keep in mind that wild yam should be taken after ovulation otherwise it will actually reduce your
  1. Yoga– This is a common, natural fertility treatment for couples trying to increase their chances of getting pregnant. Yoga is an old form of exercise and relaxation. It started in India and is now being used by couples to conceive. It improves male and female fertility by minimising stress and balancing hormones.

Find out more about these natural conception techniques

These fertility options are not only convenient but will also improve your chances of getting pregnant. Getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby is possible once you know how to prepare your body. Contact us online today to find out more about how to conceive naturally.

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