Baby Medicine Kit – What You Need

Strange as it may seem, there are things you will need in the cupboard that you most likely won’t have at home prior to having a baby. Speaking from experience, most of these thing are purchased on an ‘as needs’ basis; usually when you’re baby is unwell and you find yourself having to dash out to the late night pharmacy. So, save yourself the trip and stock up on these items before your baby is born and have your baby medicine kit prepared for those moments.

Baby Thermometer

There are so many different types on the market – some better than others. So consider your budget as prices range between $10 for a basic electronic stick thermometer, through to around $150 for a good ear thermometer or Touchless Forehead thermometer. It’s an essential item, you’ll be amazed at how much you actually use it and worth the dollars.

Baby Panadol

Once your baby is four weeks old it is safe to give them a dose of Panadol, if they become unwell. It’s not likely you’ll need it when they are this young, but it’s useful to have in the house because if a fever strikes in the middle of the night, you’ll be prepared.


Saline solution is a sterile mixture of salt and water and in the early weeks it can be very useful while your baby is getting used to the outside world. Saline is especially handy if your baby has a blocked tear duct. Blocked tear ducts can cause an unsightly green discharge from the eye, while mostly harmless it can get messy and sticky, and needs to be cleaned with sterile water.

Cotton balls

Use cotton pads or balls with the Saline. They are useful to have around, as babies get crusty in lots of different places on their bodies. A bit of saline and a cotton ball can soften and clean away any crusty areas.

Nappy rash cream

Babies bums can get a bit soggy. Modern disposable nappies are pretty good at keeping them dry, but it is still worth giving an extra layer of protection. If you are using washable nappies it’s really important to protect their delicate skin. Nappy rash can get very nasty, very quickly because of its direct exposure to waste, so play it safe by using a good strong barrier cream.

Colic drops

Colic can be a major issue for babies (and their parents) in the early months. Some colic won’t respond to anything but it’s worth having some wind drops or infant probiotics available to try if it does strike.

Teething Ring

These can be put in the fridge and used for the baby to chew on, to help relieve the symptoms of teething. Some babies have been known to start teething as early as ten weeks (in fact, my son was born with a tooth!), so it’s useful to have on hand.

Baby nail Trimmer

Baby’s fingers and toes are so little and trying to snip their little nails can be a stressful experience and the fear of cutting their fingers is very real. Getting a baby nail trimmer reduces the risk that you’ll cut them instead of their fingers. Keeping their nails short in the early months is particularly important because of the startle reflex, they will easily scratch themselves if their nails aren’t kept short.

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