Transitioning from Bassinet to Cot

The most common reason for moving your baby out of their bassinet into their cot is because they outgrow their bassinet. They should also move to a cot if they are able to roll over, regardless of size. Some babies transition very easily, others do not. It will depend entirely on the baby. Here are some ideas to help your baby transition from bassinet to cot smoothly.

Start with one move. Put your baby to sleep for the night in the bassinet. After the second night feed transfer them to the cot (in your room). On the second night, put them to sleep in the cot after the first feed, and the second feed. After a couple of nights you can put them down to sleep for the night, in the cot. Once they have transitioned at night you can start the transition during the day.

Transitioning from bassinet to cot during the day is the same process as the night transition – gradually increasing the number of sleep times in the cot, until they have completely transitioned out of the bassinet.

If your child is struggling with the transition you could try putting them in the cot during the day and staying with them. Putting your hands on their body, in the cot while they settle will help them feel calmer and connected to you.

You could also try putting the bassinet in the cot to start with. Giving your baby some play time in the cot will help familiarise them with the new sleeping environment. Continue to swaddle your baby for sleep if you are still swaddling, as this will continue to help them feel comforted while they transition.

Just keep in mind that if your baby was to choose where they slept, it would always be with you, so be kind and gentle as you help them make the transition to their own cot.

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