Week 22 Of Your Pregnancy

This week your baby’s tongue forms taste buds. If your baby will be born with hair on its head it may start growing around now. Some babies are born with a full head of hair while others come out completely bald.


You may begin to experience painless contractions known as Braxton Hicks. These are harmless sporadic contractions that feel like a squeezing sensation. Thought to be your body’s way of gearing up for labour, they occur randomly rather than in a regular pattern.  Some women don’t experience these contractions at all while in others they can be so severe they get mistaken for labour.


You are just over the halfway point in your pregnancy and may find working more stressful. If you originally planned to work right up to the birth you may change your mind around this time or wonder how you will get through the next 18 weeks. On the other hand you could be feeling great as many pregnant women get a surge of energy in the second trimester. Try to take it easy at work and let colleagues help share the load. Make sure you write everything down as you could be more absentminded than usual.


The second trimester is the best time to take a holiday as you may feel heavy and uncomfortable during the third trimester and after a certain stage in your pregnancy, you won’t be permitted to fly.

Taking a holiday now is well advised as chances are you won’t get another break for some time after the baby is born. This could be the last opportunity you and your partner get to have a holiday with just the two of you for a very long time.

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