A birth certificate is a very important documentation that documents the birth of a child. A birth certificate is one of life?s most important documents. This document can pertain to either the original document or a certified copy of or representation of the original record of birth. When an infant is placed for adoption at birth, the court-appointed guardian ad litem more or adoption agency may file the birth certificate data.

In Australia, the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages issues birth certificates for the state or territory in which the birth of an individual took place. If your birth took place in Australia on or after August 20, 1986, you will need to provide evidence that one parent was an Australian citizen or had permanent resident status at the time of your birth.

The standard ?birth certificate? or ?certificate of live birth? usually but not always contains uniquely identifying information but always should have testaments from eyewitness?s (health care providers, orderly).The birth registration process may be supported by social services, such as health care and education. Health centres and hospital sometimes have civil registrars on site that can provide a child?s birth certificate at birth or during a health care visit.

Purposes Of A Birth Certificate

It is a document used to show proof of a parent and child relationship and establish identity when applying for a passport, driver?s license, public assistance, identification for minors (under age of 18), peri-natal mortality rates and can also verify citizenship for the purposes of travel and employment. Birth certificates are a primary form of identification.

Registering a child?s birth is a vital step towards your baby?s protection. Children under age 5 with a birth certificate are more likely to be immunized and receive health care for childhood illnesses, assuring them a healthy start in life. Parents need a record of the birth of their children in order to avail child benefits, tax credits and proof of age of minors.

What Are The Contents Of A Birth Certificate?

The specific contents of a birth certificate vary by jurisdiction. The content generally consist of the child?s full name, the mother?s maiden name, father?s name and parent?s marital status. It also includes the city, state and county of birth, time of birth, parents? birthplaces, and name of the attending health care provider. The date the birth certificate was filed is also included.

Who Can Get A Copy Of Birth Certificate?

The persons who can request a birth certificate are the subject of the document, the legal parents or a legal representative of any of these parties.

Requirement: Copy of the requestor?s photo identification such as (driver?s license or passport) and they will then issue a copy of the birth certificate.

Birth Certificate Online Registration

There are several internet sites that offer rapid, secure, inexpensive services for getting you birth certificate in just a few days. Today, it isn?t the hassle that it once was.

To know more about birth certificate online registration months please check the Australian Government website:

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