Week 21 Of Your Pregnancy

By the end of this week, your baby will measure about 15 centimetres from crown to rump and weigh about 500 grams. Your baby has developed the ability to swallow and can ingest your amniotic fluid but their main source of nourishment is still the placenta. Your baby’s hearing is becoming even better now. In addition to your voice, stomach rumblings and heartbeat, your baby can also hear sounds and conversations coming from the outside world.


You might be feeling heavy, sluggish and tired. Regular, light exercise can help keep your weight gain under control, boost your mood and energy, and alleviate many of the annoying pregnancy side effects including varicose veins, backache and swelling. Pregnancy specific exercise like prenatal yoga and aqua aerobics can go a long way to keeping you feeling fit and healthy, and can also help reduce stress.


By now you probably look unmistakably pregnant and you may have had to abandon your regular clothing for maternity wear. Maternity clothing can be expensive and although it’s great to have the excuse to go shopping, try to just get the essentials. You can mix and match maternity wear with loose dresses, elasticated skirts and other regular wear to save money.


Although you may be feeling tired, try to get out and do a little bit of exercise every day even if it’s just a gentle walk.

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