Week 21 Of Your Pregnancy

By the end of 21 weeks, your baby will measure about 15 centimetres from crown to rump and weigh about 500 grams. Your baby has developed the ability to swallow and can ingest your amniotic fluid but their main source of nourishment is still the placenta. Your baby’s hearing is becoming even better now. In addition to your voice, stomach rumblings and heartbeat, your baby can also hear sounds and conversations coming from the outside world.


You’ve probably noticed that your belly is becoming more rounded and you’re looking more like a pregnant woman. This is  really exciting for most women, but not for all women. If your new found curves are making you feel thuggish, it’s worth thinking about taking some gentle exercise. Prenatal yoga is a great option as not only will a class make you feel great about your body and the wonderful things it can do, it will also help prepare and condition your body for childbirth. Read about the benefits of pregnancy exercise and nutrition here.

At 21 weeks aqua aerobics can go a long way to keeping you feeling fit and healthy, and can also help reduce stress.


By now you probably look unmistakably pregnant and you may have had to abandon your regular clothing for maternity wear. Maternity clothing can be expensive and although it’s great to have the excuse to go shopping, try to just get the essentials. You can mix and match maternity wear with loose dresses, elasticated skirts and other regular wear to save money.


Taking care of your health continues to be super important so keep going to your scheduled appointments with your care giver, and if they haven’t already mentioned it, you’ll start to start making plans for your glucose test. This is an important test, so make sure you book it in. You can read more about gestational diabetes here. 

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