Stylish Pregnancy Dresses: How to Find & Wear Them


Maintaining your personal style can be tough when your body is changing so quickly. In the past women have sacrificed comfort in order to remain stylish and on trend, or they’ve sacrificed style to remain comfortable.

You no longer need to make this choice. Gone are the days of frumpy dresses, ill-fitting outfits, overpriced essentials, and the kind of maternity wear you outgrow within a month. Affordable and stylish maternity wear is readily available through a range of specialist retailers.

Maive & Bo

Quality, Style and Comfort

Looking for a stylish pregnancy dress for your baby shower, a maternity photoshoot, gender reveal, another special occasion, or for work is happily no longer a chore.

Maive & Bo’s Mallory Welch has shared some top tips for getting the most out of your maternity wardrobe.

Double duty

“My number one tip is to always buy dresses,” explains Mallory. “They’re easy to wear, they’re cooler and more comfortable, and they give you a full outfit with just one item of clothing!”

Mallory also advises pregnant mums to invest in simple pieces, quality basics and versatile items that can be styled differently and mixed and matched to change your look.

For example, the classic LBD  can be dressed down for work during the day, and dressed up with a statement necklace and some fresh lippy in the evening. It can also be paired with a jacket or cardie, boots or sandals for a range of entirely different looks.

Maive & Bo LBD

Another great tip is to think ahead and invest in stylish pregnancy dresses and tops that can also be worn while you’re nursing. A wrap dress is the perfect for pregnancy dress but can also be worn while breastfeeding. They can also be cinched in over time as your body changes, so you can wear it long after giving birth.

Maive & Bo Wrap dress


Light cotton fabrics that you can layer up or down in pregnancy work best, as this allows for the increase in body temperature that most pregnant women experience.


Maive & Bo

Investing in a neutral colour wrap or cardigan will take you through winter, or cool autumn and spring nights and can be layered over long or short sleeves, depending on the time of the year.

When shopping for your maternity wardrobe think versatility, comfort and simple stylish design.

You can view a range of other stylish and affordable maternity dresses and separates here.

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