Victoria’s Biggest Baby Arrives in Melbourne’s West

Last week Melbourne woman, Teuaililo Ala, gave birth to Victoria’s biggest baby, and quite possibly Australia’s biggest baby. Moama Ala was welcomed into the world, tipping the scales at a very healthy 6.32kg, which equates to 13lb 14oz.

Teuaililo was expecting her son to be big and was told at her 35 week ultrasound that he was likely to be close to 4.5kg, but she wasn’t prepared for her baby to come in at just under 6.5kg.

Moama breaks the Victorian record previously belonging to Brian Liddle Jnr, born in January 2017, weighing in at 6kg (13lb 23 oz). Born at Sunshine Hospital, in Melbourne’s west, Moama is the heaviest baby born at the hospital, as well as in the state of Victoria.

Delivered a week early by caesarean section due to concerns over his size, he was 60cm long and at just under 14Lb, didn’t fit in to any of the 000 clothes that his mother brought with her to the hospital. He’s now wearing size 3 – 6 months. Moama’s birth weight is close to double that of the average new born weight of around 3.5kg.

Moama’s parents, originally from Samoa, already have nine-year-old twins and a six year old. The size of their fourth child hasn’t deterred the couple from further children and they’re hoping to add to their growing family in the future.

Photo by David Caird, Herald Sun

There are several factors that influence the size of a new born baby, most notably, genetics. A mother’s pre-pregnancy weight, their nutrition and health while pregnant can also influence a baby’s size.

While Teuaililo acknowledged that her son’s size was unusual, what was most important to her was that he arrived safely and was healthy.