Great Things About Being Pregnant

Morning sickness, heart burn, haemorrhoids and fatigue are just some of the uncomfortable symptoms pregnant women experience. There are many more, and often women will look back on their pregnancy and remember only the hard stuff.

When you’re growing a tiny human being inside you, it’s never going to be easy. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable, tired or just plain unwell, here is a list of good things that are worth celebrating while you’re doing this momentous job of growing a baby:

Here are six great things about being pregnant:

  1. Guilt-free Cat Naps
    This is one time of your life that you should take advantage of being able to crawl in to bed early or during the day. Physically your body is working overtime to grow a beautiful human being, so repay that body by resting when you need to.
  2. Beautiful Skin and Hair
    All those crazy hormones that make you feel ill or tired also give you beautiful skin and hair. The ‘pregnancy glow’ isn’t a myth, so enjoy your new found glow.
  3. No Periods
    This has got to be one of the great advantages of pregnancy. No periods means no PMT, no monthly cramps, no spending money on tampons. In fact you’ll get so used to it you’ll probably forget what it’s like to have a monthly period.
  4. You’ll Feel Special
    People will make such a fuss of you, and as your belly grows you’ll get more attention. People love the idea of a new baby and your friends, family and colleagues will be so happy for you. Your presence will radiate happy vibes, enjoy the fuss because it’s all about the baby once you’ve given birth.
  5. Feeling Your Baby Move
    Seeing your baby’s heart beat on a screen is pretty amazing, but that feeling when you first feel your baby move around inside you is almost other-worldly. It is such an amazing feeling that only you and your baby share. No other person can experience that feeling and it is truly amazing. You feel the kicks and movements get stronger as they grow and it is one of the ways that the bond between mother and baby begins to form.
  6. You’ll Experience Just How Amazing Your Body Really Is
    Most women, at some stage of their lives, have some sort of negative interaction with their own bodies. The idea of what is attractive has been hijacked by the media and this has meant that some women struggle with their relationship with their bodies. When you are growing a baby you are finally able to see the incredible things that your body is capable of. Your body is solely responsible for growing an entire human being, completely from scratch! That alone is worth patting yourself on the back for!
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