New mumma milestones to be proud of

We celebrate a newborn baby’s first smile, the little coo sounds they start making, and their first laugh in those early months. But, let’s not forget about all of the incredible milestones mummas go through as they transition into the world of parenthood. Mothers are made, not born. Sometimes you can be so busy and focused on your beautiful new baby that you forget to notice, let alone be proud of, your own firsts. Let us help you to take a few minutes to savour each one—because you deserve it!

New mumma milestones to be proud of

1. Your first solo outing with your baby

Before you had a baby, you probably didn’t realise that getting out the door could be such a challenge. Some days you’ll try to go out, but it just won’t happen. By the time you’ve fed your baby, changed them, packed the nappy bag, and thrown on some clothes yourself, your baby will inevitably gift you with a poonami that requires a full change of clothes for both of you! Then, it’s time for another feed, and around it goes…until some days you simply give up. If you manage to get out, you deserve a medal! See this article on stepping out with a newborn for the first time.

2. Your first mum friend

The first mum (or mums) that you feel connected to and feel comfortable to share all of your struggles and wins with will remind you that you’re not alone, and that what you’re going through is perfectly normal. You can’t put a price on that kind of therapy! And just think, you might not have met each other if you didn’t have babies.

3. First time breastfeeding in public

If you’re breastfeeding, you might initially feel uncomfortable doing it in front of others. But, if you’re out and about, your baby is screaming with hunger, and there’s nowhere discreet to go, you have no choice. It’s your role to meet your baby’s needs, whether you worry about people seeing you or not. This milestone just might be your first taste of not caring about what the public thinks about you when you’re with your kids. That really comes in handy during the toddler tantrum years!

4. The first time you get some alone time

Sooner or later, you’re going to get the opportunity to go for a walk by yourself, or go to the hairdresser’s, or for a coffee with a friend. That day will come, promise! You’ve probably been dreaming of the moment, but don’t be surprised if you have second thoughts about leaving your baby with your partner, friend, or family member. Hearing your baby’s cries might send you rushing back through the front door, but don’t worry, there’ll be other times when you feel more comfortable about letting go just a tiny bit. That first time, mumma, will feel amazing, and will hopefully recharge you so you can get through the next parenting challenge.

5. The first time you know what your baby’s cry means

So much of those first few months as a new mum are about getting to know your baby, and what each sound means that they make. Once you start to learn your baby’s cues, to know what a tired cry is, a hungry cry, or a cry when your baby is asking for a nappy change, you will feel like you’re totally nailing this parenting thing! So, celebrate how connected you and your baby are, as this is when life can start to get a bit easier.

There are so many more upcoming milestones to be proud of 

You have countless things to look forward to and celebrate as a mum…and they all will come, so be patient, and you will discover that you now appreciate the smallest things in life.

  • Your first date night. It’s important that you and your partner reconnect and remember why you chose each other as life mates. Sure, you’ll talk about the baby all night, but you won’t be interrupted, and you’ll be out of the house.
  • First girls’ night out. You deserve a night out with friends and to let loose once in a while. Remembering who you are as an individual will feel amazing!
  • First good night’s sleep. This may or may not happen for months, but it will! A good night’s sleep might mean having 5 hours of unbroken sleep, but that will feel like a HUGE achievement the first time.
  • First shopping trip to buy non-maternity clothes. Maternity clothes are comfortable, and there’s no need to stop wearing them straight after the baby’s born, but eventually you’ll feel like a new wardrobe (particularly if your old one doesn’t fit as well).
  • First unaccompanied toilet break. Yes, it will happen!
  • First time your baby wraps their arms around your neck. An embrace from your baby is one of the best mum milestones ever, one that you’ll never want to forget. Then, prepare for your heart to burst when you hear the first spontaneous ‘I love you’ from your little one. It makes every single moment worthwhile.