Affordable ways to keep active during pregnancy

In this day and age, most women know that keeping active during pregnancy is a positive thing. There are a multitude of benefits of maintaining gentle exercise and keeping your body moving as your pregnancy progresses.

Keeping an active lifestyle during your pregnancy not only helps control weight gain, but can help you prepare for the physical stress of labour and birth, and can make getting back into shape after bub is born a little easier.

There’s a common assumption that you need to join a gym or even hire a personal trainer in order to keep fit while you’re expecting. But being active doesn’t have to cost a fortune, there are many things you can do to keep in shape, without spending a cent.

Go for a nature walk– Getting back to nature is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do for your state of mind, and your soul. So why not combine that with one of the most beneficial exercises you can do while pregnant – walking. Walking during pregnancy may reduce the risk of miscarriage, birth defects and gestational diabetes. It’s safe, and can  help you lose weight faster following bub’s arrival.

Go for a dip– If the weather allows for it, head to your nearest swimming spot, or make your way to a heated pool for a simple exercise full of impact. Not only does the weightlessness of being in the water make you feel good during pregnancy, the aerobic nature of the exercise will help strengthen your heart and make it more efficient at pumping blood, improving circulation and boosting oxygen levels in your blood.

Have a mum-to-be meetup– everything is more fun when you have company. Find some like-minded women who are also expecting and organise a regular catch up where keeping active is the name of the game. Go for a walk around a lake one week, make your own mini-circuit the next. Finish off your session with some yummy snacks and a good, old goss.

DIY Yoga– you don’t have to pay top dollar to reap the benefits of yoga. Grab yourself a prenatal yoga DVD or search the web and you’ll be able to follow the basics. Prenatal yoga can help pregnant women develop proper breathing and relaxation techniques, which can result in a more comfortable labor. Yoga also keeps your body moving and can help relieve aches and pains.

active during pregnancy

Get your boogie on– enjoy the benefits of some of those happy hormones as you move your body to your favourite tunes, while spending time with the girls. At the same time you’ll be keeping fit through a fun cardiovascular workout, gaining flexibility and toning your muscles.

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