Coles Locks Up Baby Formula

Coles supermarkets across NSW have made the decision to reduce access to baby formula; taking it off the shelves and storing it in locked cupboards. The formula will be stored and sourced much the same way cigarettes and razor blades are – with access provided by a Coles employee.

Demand in China

Demand for Australian formula brands has increased exponentially due to a demand in China. Previous scares around the safety of baby formula in China has led to it being sourced in Australia and sent over to China. A tin of formula with a retail price of AU$25 – 35 is being sold for up to $100 profit in China.

There has been growing frustration, from mothers of young babies, as the demand in China has compromised the availability locally. As a result Coles has decided to keep tins of formula on shelves behind the service desk or tagged with electronic article surveillance lids. The move comes from a concern that families that have a genuine need for baby formula have not been able to access it.

Two tin purchase per customer still stands

Woolworths are not changing the way they store their baby formula but have stated that they are working with suppliers to increase the quantities available to their customers. A two tin purchase limit applies in both Coles and Woolworths.

“Equal opportunity to all shoppers”

In a statement Coles said “Coles is committed to ensuring that our customers with a genuine need for infant formula have access to this product” and has provided signage in the formula aisle that explains that the move comes to provide an “equal opportunity to all shoppers”.

Photo: Coles is taking preventative measures to stop the bulk-buying of baby formula. (Reddit: puppy2010)