How to make Friends when you’re a New Mum

Becoming a mum and developing that special relationship with your new baby is an amazing time, but it can also be a time when loneliness develops, especially if family aren’t nearby. But friendships between mums can be true sanity savers: they provide support, understanding and empathy, all of which are crucial to mental health and wellbeing.

Here are 5 ways to get a new mum friendship off the ground:

  1. Go to mother’s group
    It’s worth giving mother’s group a try, even if you’re hesitant about the group atmosphere or worried about who you’ll find there. You might just meet the fellow mum who becomes your new best friend.
  2. Get out and about
    In order to meet other mums, you need to be seen by them, so it pays to hit the pavement with your baby. Plus, getting out of the house is good for dusting off cobwebs and giving you an energy boost.
  3. Join a group 
    You could join a ‘mums and bubs’ exercise class, where you’ll meet some mums and enjoy some bonus health benefits. Alternatively, you can consider baby classes or playgroups which are full of mums just like you.
  4. Make the first move
    Striking up conversation with another mum can be as simple as complimenting her pram or asking how old her baby is. If you end up enjoying the conversation, swap details and make arrangements to meet again for a walk or a coffee.
  5. Online options
    If distance is an issue or you’re still finding approaching other mums daunting, there are plenty of online options for making friends. You can join Facebook groups, contribute in baby forums and explore services that connect mums with each other.
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