Top Tips for Traveling With a Baby

Now that winter has well and truly arrived in Australia, we’re leaving in droves. More and more people seem to be heading for warmer climes and are opting to spend their leisure time pool-side rather than fire-side. Who could blame them really?! If you’ve got a little baby and you’re part of that lucky group heading off to somewhere warm, but are a little anxious about your first trip, we’ve put together our best hacks for when you’re traveling with your bub.

Research, Research, Research

Preparation is everything. Make sure you know all the rules of the airline you are traveling with – there are rules around prams, porta-cots, liquids on planes (including breast milk), minimum age for a baby to travel, allowable age for hammock use, and the list goes on. Make sure you are across it all. Contact the airline directly if you need an answer to a specific question. It’s not worth turning at the airport and hoping for the best.

Book In Advance

Think about everything that you can book in advance, and book it – it will make traveling so much easier. That’s just one less thing to think about when you arrive – possibly jet lagged, almost certainly tired. Book your aeroplane seats when you book your flights, an aisle seat will mean you can easily move in and out of your seat and a bulk head seat (the seat with no other seats in front of it) will give you a bit more leg room (and nappy bag room). Book airport transfers before you go so you can get off that plane and go straight to your accommodation. If you plan on hiring a car, have it booked before you go and don’t forget to hire a car seat as well.

Pack Like a Boss

Be methodical, make a list. Pack more for you baby than for yourself. When packing your on-board bag, make sure nappies and wipes are easy to access. Include a little baby blanket incase they want to snooze. Bring your Baby Panadol on board (but don’t forget the 100ml rule). Think about extra feeds and snacks. Snacks will break the monotony, and air travel can be dehydrating so your baby may be extra thirsty. Make sure you have a couple of changes of clothes on board for bub in case they suffer from travel sickness. (And don’t forget to pack some plastic bags).

It’s easier to pack if you’re traveling to somewhere warm because generally speaking clothing items for summer are smaller and lighter, but you still need to be strategic. Think capsule wardrobe, but a miniature version.

Abandon Any Rules Around Screen Time

If there is a show or an app that you know your baby loves, you might end up loving it just as much when you pull it out in the middle of a bout of crying and it helps calm them down. If it keeps them happy and entertained for a portion of the trip then it’s worth being flexible on this occasion. You can lock the device away for the entire holiday if the thought of their extended use on the flight bothers you. The screen time might be the difference between a smooth flight or a nightmare flight.

If you’re really anti-screen time, think about buying a couple of new toys that you can bring out mid-flight so the novelty of the toy will provide some extra play time.

Try to remember that no matter how tough it seems at the time, or how well you think it’s going, it could all change very quickly. Things could turn bad, or your baby might fall asleep and everyone will be happy. Either way, try to relax and go with it, however your flight unfolds, you’ve got a fabulous holiday to look forward to.

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