15 unique pregnancy announcement ideas

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Sharing this exciting news is an incredibly special moment, so read on to discover some unique and creative ways of announcing your impending arrival with your partner, friends, family, and colleagues.

Pregnancy announcement ideas to share with your partner

Here are some unforgettable ways to tell your partner:

1. Wrap up your surprise

Put together a special gift package with little baby goodies, like booties, a hat, and a onesie that reads ‘Hello daddy’ or ‘See you soon mummy’ and present it to your partner.

2. Say it with coffee

Order a mug with a personalised message that reads ‘We’re pregnant!’ at the bottom of it and make him/her a coffee in the morning to brighten their day. If they don’t drink coffee, you could get a custom-made plate instead with a message to surprise them at the end of a meal.

3. Baby money box

It’s never too early to start saving for everything a baby needs, so find a custom-made (or DIY it) money box or piggy bank that has the word ‘Baby’ on it and put some coins in it. Present it to your partner and watch as they realise the significance of it!

4. Appeal to their sense of humour

Buy a book of parent jokes and tell him/her that they only have a few months to practice.

5. Unique movie night

If you love to Netflix binge together, create a movie night pack that includes the usual popcorn and snacks (or for a bit of fun, bring out classic pregnancy craving snacks, like pickles and ice cream), along with a custom-made onesie (try Etsy) that reads something like ‘Looks like Netflix and chill went a bit too far’ along with your due date.

Pregnancy announcement ideas to share with your loved ones

Here are five ways to announce your news to your family and friends:

1. Surprise family photo

Get a group of your family and/or friends together for a meal. Tell them you want a group photo, and as you’re about to take it, say ‘1, 2, 3, I’m pregnant!’. You’ll capture everyone’s reactions, and have that moment frozen in time forever.

2. Share some sweetness

Announce your big news with custom-made cookies or cupcakes delivered directly to your nearest and dearest. Search Instagram or ask for local bakery recommendations that can add messages such as ‘Coming soon’ with your due date, or onesie-shaped cookies with ‘Made with love’ written on them.

3. For older siblings

To share the news with your children about the impending addition to the family, you could get them T-shirts that read ‘big brother/sister’. Take a photo of them to double up as an announcement idea to share with other loved ones. For little ones, you might prefer to get them a picture book that describes their new role.

4. Send your sonogram

Make copies of your sonogram photo and send it in a special box or frame to family members. You could add in a little bib with a message that reads ‘You’re going to be a grandparent/aunty/uncle’ with your due date.

5. Photo announcement

If you can’t share your news in person with your loved ones, there are so many great ways you can announce it with a single photo. Some ideas include: a family shoe line-up including baby booties, holding a message board (for example, ‘We’re having a baby!’), your car with a ‘baby on board’ sign, or even just a snap of your positive pregnancy test and ultrasound.

Pregnancy announcement ideas to share with colleagues and acquaintances

Depending on your relationship with other people in your life, hopefully you’ll find an appropriate way to share your news with them here:

1.Start with your boss/HR department

You’ll probably need to make your announcement in a less fun way with your superiors at work. You might like to take them out to lunch or dinner and spill the beans over a nice meal.

2. Appeal to their sweet tooth

For your co-workers, you could bring in some custom-made cupcakes, lollies, or cookies to work that can do the talking for you with messages like ‘Baby (insert surname) due…’, or make the sweet treats yourself with baby-themed decorations such as bottles and bibs.

3. Get your pet to announce it

If you have a pet, get yourself a chalkboard or letter board, and take a photo of your fur baby with the message ‘I’m going to be a big sister/brother’ with the due date. Share the photo on social media or via email.

4. Make a toast

Take a photo of a bottle of champagne, or bring one into work, with the message attached ‘Do not open until (due date)’.

5. New parent survival kit

Put together a funny or cute box of essentials to help you cope with a baby. Take a snap of it and share on your social accounts to break the news. It could include things like dry shampoo, nipple cream, baby wipes, baby milestone book, and snacks. Get as creative as you like.