How to choose the right TOG sleeping solution for your baby

When you put your little one to bed, you’ll do anything to ensure a blissful night’s sleep, right? Trying to figure out if they’re too warm or too cold is a guessing game, but an uncomfortable baby won’t sleep as well. That’s why TOG ratings are your saviour to keeping a steady temperature.

So, what are TOG ratings?

A TOG rating measures the warmth of a sleeping bag. The lower the TOG number, the lighter and cooler it is, making it ideal in the warmer months. Winter TOG ratings can go up to about 3.5 TOG for very cold nights. 

When do you need to consider TOG ratings?

Once your baby has started to roll (usually around four months), it’s time to stop swaddling your baby at bedtime and move onto sleeping bags. Until then, swaddles should be lightweight cotton or muslin wraps. 

How do you choose the right TOG rating?

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There are so many sleeping bag options available, but which one is right for your baby? As a guide these are the standard recommendations, but there can be additional TOG ratings between these, depending on the brand. 

  • 0.5 TOG is best for hot summer weather, and temperatures between 24-27 ℃.
  • 1.5 TOG is suitable for summer nights and naps with a room temperature between around 20-23 ℃  .
  • 2.5 TOG is good for all year round, with temperatures between 10-20 ℃.

What’s the ideal bedroom temperature for a baby?

A baby’s bedroom should ideally be 18℃, but between 16℃ and 20℃ is recommended. There’s no need to monitor the temperature all night, but you can use a room thermometer to check at a glance if the room is too warm or chilly. 

How do you know if your baby is too hot or too cold?

Babies control their temperature predominantly through their head and face, so always leave their head uncovered to stop them from overheating (as is also the SIDS recommendation). If in doubt, you can check their body temperature by placing your hand on their chest or back (cold hands and feet are normal, don’t worry).

If they feel too warm or have damp hair, simply remove a layer. If additional warmth is needed, you can use a single lightweight cotton blanket over the sleeping bag, ensuring baby’s feet are at the end of the mattress, the blanket can only reach your baby’s chest, and is tucked in firmly so that it can’t ride up and cover your baby’s face. 

What should your baby wear under the sleeping bag?

In addition to your chosen sleeping bag, Red Nose recommends you dress your baby as you would yourself – not too warm, and not too cold. Choosing natural, breathable fibres will help to reduce overheating and skin conditions, such as eczema.

Here’s a great What to Wear Temperature Guide to help you choose the right sleeping garment for your baby.