How to plan a fabulous Baby Shower!

The moment you’re asked to arrange the baby shower for your bestie, sister or cousin, you’ll no doubt be rubbing your hands together with glee, full of excitement for the task ahead.

You want things to be perfect, but where do you begin?

While the enormity of planning such a special event for someone you love can seem overwhelming, with a little careful planning, you can arrange a truly fabulous baby shower, everyone will enjoy. Or if you are planning your own baby shower, make sure you pass on these helpful tips to your friends or relatives planning the event.

Choose the date!

Your mum-to-be will probably have an idea of when she’d like to have her shower. Some women like to celebrate with a few months to go, others wait until they’re about to pop!

Once you have your date locked in, you can go from there.

Location, location

Where you plan the shower will depend on the personality of your mum-to-be. Does she like to don a frock and head out, or prefer a cosy day at home?

Opting for a function venue means you don’t have to worry about catering or drinks. All you need to organise is the fun!

On the other hand, having a shower at home means you get to plan the event to your exact specifications – from the food and drink, to the decorations and times.

The guest list

As the organiser of the Baby Shower, this is one element you need to get right! Your mum-to-be will be devastated if her favourite ladies aren’t invited.

Get a list and make sure you have contact details for everyone.

In 2018, you should also confirm whether or not dad-to-be and his friends are also welcome, or if they’ll be allowed to join in towards the end of the function.

Allow plenty of time when sending out invitations – you want to make sure as many of your girl’s favourites are there!


If you’ve opted for a venue, you’ll need to make sure you have enough food to cater for the number of attendees. It’s a good idea to check for any special dietary requirements to ensure everyone is taken care of.  Consider the time too and decide whether you need snack food or lunch.

If you’re having your shower at home, then you’ll need to think about what foods you want for the day, and when you need to prepare.

Grab a couple of bottles of bubbly, some soft drinks and water to give your guests a few options.

Fun, fun, fun

If games aren’t your lady’s bag, then skip this step… but there’s nothing like a few fun games to get everyone laughing.

Do some research and choose a few to suit your mum-to-be’s style and sense of humour.

Grab a bunch of fun prizes too, to keep things interesting.

Use your manners

Your guests will no doubt have showered your mum-to-be with love and gifts, so it’s a nice touch to thank everyone.

You could include some party favours to send home with party attendees on the day, or you could send out some personal thank you notes after the fact.

Clean up!

Let your mum-to-be bask in the glory of her shower, and complete the job by sorting things out at the venue, or cleaning up the host’s home.

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