Four Unique Ways To Celebrate Your First Mother’s Day

Here at New Born Baby, many of our readers are new first time Mums, which also means this Sunday is your first ever Mothers’ Day. Congratulations! You deserve a break, a gift, breakfast in bed and you’ll probably get at least one, if not all of those suggestions. While lovely, they are pretty standard on Mother’s Day – not that we are complaining! But if you’re interested in doing something a little different for your first Mother’s Day celebration, we’ve come up with a few ideas for you.

Write a Letter to Your Baby

My children are past the baby stage now and there is nothing they love more than hearing stories about themselves from times they can’t remember. I often feel that I am telling the same stories over and over to them because they love hearing them so much. So take some time to sit in a quiet place, pour a cup of tea or a glass of wine and write your beautiful baby a letter. After all, it’s thanks to them that you’re celebrating Mothers’ Day.

You can write about how cute they were when they were born, or how fragile, or how excited you were to meet them. Or write your birth story in a child friendly way. There’s no set prescription, but the idea is to write something that they will cherish when they are older and you can pull out and enjoy together each Mother’s Day.

Build a Time Capsule

This idea is really fun, and is lovely way to harness all those sentimental feelings, knowing you are creating something lovely for you all to enjoy. Include things like their first pair of shoes, their first dummy, a lock of their hair, a couple of photos from those first few (blurry) days, one of their new born nappies, or anything that you feel sentimental about. Put it away somewhere safe and decide as a family when you will retrieve it and open it up. Put a big sign on the outside of the box “Not to be opened until Mothers’ Day 2028”, or when ever you decide.

Write a Letter to Your Own Mum

If there is something that will really help you appreciate your own Mother, it’s when you become a Mother yourself. Drop her a line and let her know that you finally understand what it feels like. Say thank you if you need to. Even if your Mum isn’t here anymore, this is still a lovely thing to do. It’s a way to honour your Mum and everything she has done for you.

Send a Message to Friend That You Know Is Struggling on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not all roses for all people and it is worth acknowledging that. You may have a friend who has lost their mother, or who has lost a baby, so Mother’s Day becomes a painful reminder of what they no longer have. Or you may have a friend who has been unable to become a Mother. Whatever the circumstances, a block of chocolate left at their door with a note, or text message letting them know that you understand that today is a hard day for them will mean so much. It requires little effort but will make such a difference to the receiver.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to give yourself a big pat on the back and some acknowledgement that you are doing a great job!

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