Week 17 Of Your Pregnancy

Your baby is starting to gain weight. At around 12 centimetres long your baby is about the size of a large pear and weighs nearly 150 grams.


One big change you may notice is a fluttering in your belly which might feel like gas at first. This is the baby kicking and it will get stronger as your baby grows until it’s unmistakable (and even painful at times!). You may feel this earlier if it’s your second or subsequent pregnancy. As well as flutterings, you may also feel the occasional tap as if your baby is reminding you that he or she is still here!


Now’s the time to sign up for antenatal classes with your partner. Ask your hospital about what programs they run orlook online to find information about classes near you.


Make sure you are getting plenty of dairy this week. Your baby’s soft rubbery skeleton is hardening into bone and needs calcium to grow strong.

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