It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for over. You’re out of hospital and you’re about to bring your little prince or princess into their baby nursery room.

But which baby products do you really need, and what would be considered a luxury. And how and when do you set it up.

To find out everything you need to know about the modern baby nursery, read on.

Do You Need a Designer Baby Nursery?

Nursery As seen in Tiny Tribe magazine

Most baby shops will present you with a wealth of brochures offering the most tastefully designed baby nursery furniture, colour-coordinated baby bedding sets, baby clothing, and other such items. All of it looks very tempting, and you can probably imagine your new baby living happily ever after in this royal environment, with everything sparkling and new.

But unless you have an unlimited budget, the cost of the ultimate brand-name baby nursery is probably too high. You therefore need to make informed choices as to what is strictly necessary and what you can afford.

To start with, take a look at your home, decide where your baby nursery will be, and its immediate use.

Some couples prefer to have their newborn baby in the bedroom with them for the first few months. This can make night feeds a lot easier as they will hear the baby cry and not have to go into another room each time. Therefore, in the very beginning, the baby nursery will be more for storing baby clothes, changing nappies, and general baby care as opposed to sleeping.

If this is your first baby and you have only one other bedroom, the choice is of course much easier. But if you have more than one empty bedroom, you may consider choosing the one that is closest to yours. You should also look at its directions and whether it gets very cold in the winter or extremely hot and airless in the summer.

The Art of Baby Nursery Decorating

Even if you don’t have a massive budget, you can still decorate the room that you have chosen very nicely. Choose light, pleasant colours, such as a pale pink for a girl’s room, pale blue for a boy, or a neutral lemon or peach if you are hoping to have several children. You can decorate the walls with cute mobiles or brightly coloured wall stickers to provide more of an atmosphere of a child’s bedroom.

When it comes to baby nursery décor, some parents like to buy baby nursery bedding that coordinates with the paint or wallpaper, or to follow a specific theme, such as butterflies, teddy bears, or a particular colour. This will extend to the carpet, wallpaper, and curtains, creating a sense of uniformity.

Which Nursery Furniture Do You Need?

Below is a list of possible items for your baby nursery:

  • Crib – As mentioned earlier, this depends on whether you want the baby to sleep in the nursery or in your room.
  • Changing table.
  • Cupboard and drawers for clothing.
  • A comfortable nursing chair
  • A toy box or cupboard.
  • A soft carpet.
  • A baby blanket that the baby can play on.
  • Mobiles above the crib.
  • A baby bath.

If you are able to, you may find it useful to have a sink fitted in the room. This is especially convenient when you have to fill the baby’s bath or wash your hands immediately after changing a nappy, as it saves you having to leave the baby to go into another room.
Not all of these items have to be brand new. For example, if they are in good condition, a changing mat, toy box, or mobiles can all be second hand.

However, you should preferably buy a new mattress for the baby crib or changing table because recent data has shown that babies who sleep on second-hand mattresses face a higher risk of SIDS. To read a press release from the British Medical Journal, which first reported the research, click here.

When to Purchase Items for Your Baby Nursery Room

Many people don’t buy anything for the baby until after the actual birth in case of “bad luck.” However, just before the birth, you may want to prepare a few very basic items in the nursery for your eventual homecoming from the hospital. This would include a small crib for the baby to sleep in, nappies, various essentials such as wet wipes, baby lotion and nappy rash cream, baby blankets, and a few baby-grows.

Before making too many purchases, you may find that a close friend or relative whose baby has grown up will offer you some baby clothing in good condition. You may also receive a whole bunch of baby gifts including clothes, blankets, bedding sets, mobiles, and more. You can always ask people to follow the theme or colour that you prefer, if that is important to you.

But most important of all is the atmosphere of love and care in the nursery that will accompany your baby throughout their life.

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