Sensory bottles and bags – How to make your own

Sensory toys are a super quick and easy DIY activity to set up for your little one. They can be used to encourage longer time spent in a tummy time position, for cause and effect learning and safe exploration of textures and sounds.

The great thing about sensory bottles and bags is you can use pretty much put anything in to fill them, so raid the cupboards!

Some ideas include; pom-poms, glitter, sequins, water beads, rice, peas, sprinkles, straws, buttons, beads, oil and food colouring mix, flowers and leaves.

sensory bottles
Sensory Bottles

Step 1: Using any plastic bottle with a secure lid (personally, my favourite is the plastic water VOSS bottles) fill it with water and objects of your choice e.g.– anything really!!!

Step 2: Glue the lid shut to ensure no spills or clever hands opening the bottle, however this most likely means you won’t be able to empty and re-make a new sensory bottle!

To make a ‘sound’ sensory bottle add dry things like rice, pasta, dried chickpeas, lentils or marbles to an empty plastic bottle. Shake and roll baby!


Sensory Bags

You have two options for making these!

You can use Ziplock bags OR Laminating pouches. I used ziplock bags when Charlie was really little and he wasn’t likely to break or tear it open. Ziplock bags are more flexible and squishy than laminating pouches but more breakable! Since discovering laminating pouches I haven’t looked back! They are genius!

Ziplock bags: Add objects and water to Ziplock, squeeze out any air and seal closed.

Laminating pouches: Using your hair straightener seal the two long sides, fill your bag with water and objects, squeeze any air out and then seal the top! Magic!

Once your bag is made you can tape down all the edges to a flat surface (floor, highchair tray, table, door or baking tray).


Happy crafting! For more great sensory play ideas see – Tara’s Instagram page

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