Pregnancy Belly And Your Little One

When your body makes a room for your little baby, it’s easy to wonder at the physical changes happening to you, especially to your belly. Your pregnancy belly will show to all around you that you are very much pregnant. However, there are still a lot of things that you should know about your pregnancy belly and this article will help you.

Importance Of Belly Measurement

Before ultrasound, a measurement of the size of the uterus was the most reliable way to document progression of growth of the little one inside your womb. The absolute measurement also gave an indication to how far along the pregnancy was. No one can measure the entire size of your uterus from examining the abdomen because some of the uterus lies under the pubic bone. The best way to measure it is to start from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus that can be felt. All of the growth of the baby is in this part of the uterus like the fundus, or body of the uterus.

Ultrasound can measure your uterus and even manual measurement isn’t perfect, it could still be a help to determine the size of your pregnant belly. A lot of obstetricians in private practice who see the same patients frequently, may not even record it, but simply record whether the size of the uterus is compatible with the gestational age.

When Does A Pregnant Belly Start To Show?

The exact time of the pregnant belly takes to show varies from woman to woman. Commonly, it may start showing at three months and other at 5 or 6months. A mother who is pregnant with her first child will most likely start showing obviously between 16-20 weeks of gestation. A woman, who has had children before, usually starts showing as early as 2 to 3 months. They say it has to do with the placement of your uterus.

Height of the uterus usually matches to the gestational age. Anatomic features of the mother also affects it, small sized women with slim pelvis have bigger belly compared to tall women with full thighs.

What Does A Pregnancy Belly Feel Like?

During early pregnancy, a pregnant belly feels the same as your usual belly. As the pregnancy progresses, it can be like a very firm belly. It usually grows out and round. When you touch it, it is hard. Once the pregnant woman reached 8 to 9 months pregnant, her belly can feel very hard. This is because it has stretched out to accommodate the baby. If you feel long enough, you might even feel the baby move or kick.

Which Is Preferable, Small Or Big Pregnancy Belly?

A pregnant belly must be full grown and if it is not so, it may have some problem with the little one inside your womb. Inappropriate size of belly to gestational age or insufficient pregnancy weight gain usually leads to a defect of foetus development, giving birth to a very small newborn, premature infant, and sometimes even to death of the baby (stillbirth). Pregnant women should follow certain healthy tips and precautions in order to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Usually, successful pregnancy is caused by taking care of one’s health and does regular exercise and eats healthy balance diet.

How To Lose Pregnancy Belly Fat After Pregnancy?

Regular exercise is very important but you must always remember that while you exercise you have to also watch what you eat. Just like weight loss plans, you can’t eat whatever you want. Exercise and balance diet work hand and hand. If you are not prepared to change your diet, then there?s no point in doing any exercises to get rid of pregnancy belly after childbirth.

After you have given birth via natural or caesarean method, your abdominal muscles have not only been stretched, but they have been weakened. So you’ll have to re-strengthen those muscles again so they don’t sag.

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