A Guide To Fatherhood

Literally, a father is defined as a male parent to his children parallel to mother. Several changes of technological, economic, and ideological in our society are redefining what it is to be a father. Most fathers are taking on more responsibility for early newborn and baby care. The ideal modern father usually goes to childbirth class with his partner, coaches her during labour, attends her during delivery, and shares in the care and feeding of the infant, especially when his partner returns to work.

Preparing For Fatherhood

Becoming a father can be very exciting and seemed like the next logical step in your life. During pregnancy, you should think about the health of your baby and be supportive of any lifestyle changes that your partner needs to make. Get involved with setting up the nursery and preparing for babies arrival.

The Role Of Fathers After Childbirth

After childbirth, congratulations! You are already a father. Being a new father means you have to make extra effort. You need to keep going back to your baby’s room and spend some time with your baby, even if it sometimes feels as if your partner is pushing you away to handle things on her own. Make sure you have time alone with your baby; you can do it by simply asking your partner or encourage her to go to a spa or coffee with a friend.

Here are some roles you need to know as your baby grows:

  • New fathers should support the mum, it is obvious that she is going to need help and support. After giving birth, the hormonal rush can be very overwhelming, and women who go unsupported are more likely to develop post-natal depression.
  • Generally your partner needs a lot of rest after child birth. Hence, it is up to you to look after the rest. Be hands on! Look at your baby and try newborn care such as changing of nappies, baths, feeding, or taking over and cooking a meal or putting a load of washing on.
  • If mum is breastfeeding, you may feel out of place. However, you can ask your partner to wake you up in the middle of the night to help with the feeding of the baby.
  • Provide cuddles to your baby. It is important for you to bond with the baby, and a great, easy way to do this is by cuddling.
  • Grab every opportunity to hold and talk to your baby. It will provide comfort and security for the both of you.

Taking care of your baby may be a delicate matter for you. However, you must accept to leave your male virility that is expected of a man, to one side, share the parenting role where you can and change that dirty nappy!

Woman’s Role In The Fatherhood Of His Partner

Show you partner that you are confident in his parenting ability. Also try to appreciate seeing his closeness with your baby. Give him time to spend it alone with your baby, to interact the way he wants to, and to hold the baby the way he feels right to him.

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