6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

In these seven days, your baby will grow from about the size of a poppy seed to a lentil. The heartbeat at 6 weeks starts to have a regular rhythm. Until your baby is born, its heart will beat at about 150 times a minute, which is twice the average rate of an adult!

Your baby’s basic facial features start to form too, including the mouth and the beginnings of eyes and ears. The start of a stomach and lungs will also become visible if you have a 6 week ultrasound.

Changes to Your Body

The placenta is producing increasing amounts of progesterone at this stage of your week 6 pregnancy. This hormone is important because it prevents your uterus from expelling the foetus and also helps create the nest of blood vessels that will be your baby’s life support system over the next seven-and-a-half months.

Unfortunately, the high levels of progesterone slows down the mom’s digestive process. For this reason, you likely feel nauseous at 6 weeks pregnant. Although it is known as “morning sickness,” this nausea that typically comes with pregnancy can strike at any time.

The symptoms of morning sickness at 6 weeks pregnant and in the coming weeks can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. Some women experience only a slight dizziness or a headache, while others may be so off balance and nauseous that they require bed rest or even hospitalisation.

Thankfully, the morning sickness eases for most moms by the end of the first trimester. For an unlucky few, though, it will continue through the entire pregnancy. If you also experience mild stomach cramps at 6 weeks pregnant, you are not alone. They are normal in early pregnancy.

Lifestyle Considerations

Now, in week 6 pregnancy, is likely a good time to talk with your partner about the pregnancy and spend quality time together. While much of the beautiful process focuses on the mom, it is important also to acknowledge the feelings and contributions of the partner. Share the excitement and enjoy time with just the two of you.

If you and your partner have not yet made a financial plan, doing so at 6 weeks pregnant is a good idea. Consider how to handle the additional expenses that come with having a child, as well as planning for maternity leave and future childcare options.

General Advice

If you suffer from unbearable nausea as one of your 6 weeks pregnant symptoms, try drinking ginger tea or beer, chewing crystallised ginger, or inhaling peppermint essential oil from a piece of tissue. Other options to help ease the sickly feeling include acupressure wristbands or taking 75 milligrammes of B6 per day. Remember, though, to always check with your doctor before taking any multivitamins or supplements during pregnancy to ensure they are safe for you and baby.

To help soothe cramps at 6 weeks pregnant, try soaking in a warm bath, doing a gentle exercise like walking, or asking a loved one for a gentle rub of the lower back.

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