Week 36 Of Your Pregnancy

Your baby’s face is starting to fatten up although he or she probably won’t come out with chubby cheeks yet. Your baby has pretty much perfected his or her sucking technique in preparation for breastfeeding.


Your breasts are gearing up for future breastfeeding and this can lead to engorgement and discomfort. Expressing a little bit in a hot shower can help relieve the pressure.


Newborns generally need to eat every two to three hours around the clock, which can be extremely exhausting if you’re breastfeeding. It may be worth your while to buy or hire a breast pump this week so that you can express and store your breast milk for situations when you don’t feel comfortable breast feeding in public, or if you need to have a break and let your partner do a feed or two.


You may find that you leak a little urine when you cough or sneeze. This is a normal response to the growing uterus pressing down on your bladder. If it worries you, you can always wear a pad to prevent any embarassing situations.

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