What Are The Effects Of Fish Oil During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you need to be careful about consuming fish oil and be aware of the facts and effects that fish oil can have on your baby. Don’t put yourself and your baby at risk by remaining ignorant of facts and important information. You also need to understand that many of the foods and vitamins you take as an adult can have a negative impact on your unborn baby.

The fish oil in fish oil vitamin supplements can come from two sources, and this is what you need to be aware of as taking the wrong fish oil vitamin supplement can prove to be detrimental to your baby’s health.

There are several sources of vitamins we need. Meat is one of the main sources of vitamins and nutrients. One of the vitamins that can be derived from meat is vitamin A, which is a fat-soluble vitamin. The liver is where vitamin A is stored. Thus, most vitamin A supplements take the vitamin from the liver.

This is where fish oil supplements come in. Cod liver oil comes from the liver of the fish. This kind of oil has high “preformed” vitamin A content. Thus, if you are pregnant, take care not to take a fish oil supplement taken from fish liver. It has been found that preformed vitamin A in excessive amounts can be toxic on pregnant women, often resulting to babies with birth defects and liver toxicity.

What is generally safe for pregnant women is fish oil supplement that is not sourced from fish liver. In fact, this type of fish oil supplement can be beneficial for the development of the baby. Based on studies, this type of fish oil supplement helps the baby’s immune system. In addition, it encourages development of the brain and eyes, particularly during the third trimester.

Learn to read the labels for food products and fish oil supplements. Avoid “fortified” foods because they may have an adverse effect on the health of your baby. You never want to put your unborn baby’s health at risk. Thus, your main weapon is to be informed and be proactive.

If you have any concerns or question at all about the safety of taking fish oil vitamin supplements, talk to your doctor or obstetrician. He or she will be able to address your concerns and ensure that you and your baby are safe.

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