Week 40 Of Your Pregnancy

Wooohoo! Week 40! Congratulations may well be be in order! If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s bub didn’t want to wait any longer, a big cheer for you! I hope you’re recovering nicely and learning all you can during you hospital stay. If you’re still waiting, take heart – ANY DAY NOW!! Chin up, it won’t be long before your bub is knocking on that door. You’ve done a fabulous job of growing the perfect little bub, and your wait is nearly over.


If you’re wondering how you might be able to encourage labour, there are plenty of safe and natural ways to try. Speak to your midwife or obstetrician for suggestions, a long brisk walk, a hot curry, and little bit of lovin’ (ie, sex) have all been reported to get things moving. Another option is requesting a ‘stretch and sweep’. It sounds pretty scary, but it’s a low risk, non-surgical medical intervention performed by a doctor or a midwife. You can read more about it here.


Any day now, it will be you heading in to hospital to have your baby so here’s a run down of the various stages of labour so you’ll know exactly what to expect and when.

Don’t be stressed if baby goes over and you find yourself at 41-42 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is still likely to be going very well – although you might be feeling pretty tired and uncomfortable. Just keep any eye on their movement and call the midwife if any concerns day or night.


Don’t forget after your baby is born, NBB are a treasure trove of information with a lively community of Mums who are all eager and happy to support you during motherhood. Don’t forget to pop back to Facebook to say hi and ask any questions or share any worries.

If you planning on sharing your birth on social media immediately after giving birth make sure it is not interfering with the bonding process that is so important between mother and baby after birth. Read more here.

We’ve loved sharing your pregnancy journey with you. Good luck!

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