Week 29 Of Your Pregnancy

You’re 29 weeks! You really are getting to the pointy end of this pregnancy. You’re probably feeling a bit fed up with it all. Late pregnancy can be tough going, but hang in there! Your baby is about the size of a butternut pumpkin! So no wonder you’re feeling tired, not only are you carrying that little pumpkin around 24/7, that little pumpkin is taking everything you’ve got so it can keep growing nice and plump for its birthday!

By now all of your baby’s bones are developed but they are still soft and flexible. You are likely to feel more pushes kicks and rolls than ever. With every week your baby’s lungs get stronger and more ready to take their first breath in the outside world.


You may still be experiencing some back pain and heart burn due to the weight of the baby and the pressure of your growing belly.Your belly is probably protruding quite far in front of you and your feet may have disappeared from view. Be careful when you are walking if you can’t see your feet as you may be more at risk of tripping and falling. Bending over can become difficult around now as your bump will get in the way. You may need to practice squatting down to pick things up – remember to keep your back straight so you don’t aggravate any back problems.


You may want to think about packing a hospital bag soon. It may seem like your due date is still ages away, but if that little critter decides to say hi earlier than planned, you’ll want to be ready. You can do some pre-planning by checking out this handy guide on what to pack, for both labour and after the birth.

It’s a good idea to plan an alternative route to the hospital and a backup person to take you in case your partner is unavailable.


We probably don’t need to remind you, but just in case, keep going with your pelvic floor exercises. It’s super important because that little pumpkin is being supported mainly by your pelvic floor muscles so, if you don’t work on keeping them strong, you may find you have problems later. Weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to incontinence, which no one wants! Read more about why you should keep up these important exercises

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