Five Things About Pregnancy That No One Talks About

Pregnancy would have to be one of the most fascinating physical journeys for a woman – the changes that happen in our bodies that facilitate this new human being are quite remarkable. But, if we are honest, some are also quite revolting, so don’t make great conversation. So, just so you’ve been warned, here are five things about pregnancy that no one talks about.

While You’re Still Pregnant

  1. Constipation – all the oestrogen that your body is magically making to help sustain your pregnancy has a down side. It slows down the muscles that help keep things moving. If you’re taking an iron supplement this will likely make it worse. It’s worth considering a stool softener to help make going to the loo a bit more comfortable, and a bit more regular.
  2. Haemorrhoids – these are often linked to constipation, but not always. As your pregnancy progresses the increased blood flow to your pelvic area can cause the veins in your rectal wall to swell and bulge. If you’re constipated it will definitely exacerbate this. You can also develop them after birth, as the pressure from pushing your baby out can cause them. Drink plenty of water, consider a stool softener and do you replica floor exercises.
  3. Linea Nigra – latin for ‘black line’, it’s the dark brown line that runs from the top of your belly, right down to the bottom. Not everyone will get this, but three out of four women will. You may also notice your nipples get darker also. Either turning a dark chocolate brown, or a darker shade of pink or red. It’s caused by pregnancy hormones and is totally normal. These same hormone are responsible for chloasma (dark patches of skin). Again, it’s totally normal and will fade after pregnancy.
  4. Mucus Plug – also known as ‘a show’. It is as revolting as it sounds. When your body is getting ready for labour and your cervix starts to enlarge, the plug that has been keeping your baby sealed off from the rest of the world, comes away. It looks like a very large snot – very large. It’s likely to be the size of a 50c coin, or larger. It is often streaked with blood, but not always. It’s usually a sign of impending labour, but it still could be days or weeks away. Let your doctor or midwife know if something like that appears in your underwear, but don’t immediately assume labour will start soon.
  5. Waters – we all know that our waters break, but it’s not quite like what we’ve seen in the movies.  Your waters can break anywhere, at any time. It’s not usual for them to break while you’re sleeping and so you wake up in a wet bed. The ‘gush’ will depend on where you are and what position you are sitting or standing in. But rather than an explosion of water, it is more like the feeling that you’re wetting your pants. Some women get what’s called a ‘slow leak’, where the amniotic fluid leaks out slowly over a few days. If you feel like your underwear is more damp than it should be, talk to your doctor as this needs to be addressed to reduce the risk of infection for you and your baby.
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