What to Expect: 11 Weeks Pregnant Belly

At 11 weeks pregnant, your baby’s teeth start to grow properly, and bone development increases too. Your baby’s ears will move up and into their final position on the side of the head.

Changes to Your Body:

If you have been suffering pregnancy nausea, it may start to subside. Instead, part of what to expect at 11 weeks pregnant, for some women, is that food cravings replace nausea.

These cravings may take the form of insatiable hunger, an urge for high-protein foods, strong tasting food (like curry or bacon), or unusual food combinations. You may even find in your week 11 pregnancy that you crave foods you once hated!

If you crave non-food items, such as dirt, chalk, laundry starch, ice cubes, or clay, in your week 11 pregnancy, see your doctor as soon as possible. You may be experiencing 11 weeks pregnant symptoms of an eating disorder called pica, which may signal a nutritional deficiency.

The 11 weeks pregnant symptoms may also include leg cramps, headaches, breast tenderness, and abdominal pain. When 11 weeks pregnant cramping occurs, it is often due to gas or bloating. Some women describe the 11 weeks pregnant cramping as feeling similar to mild menstrual cramps. If severe cramps and mild to moderate bleeding occurs, however, go to a doctor immediately as it may be a warning sign of a miscarriage.

Women with an 11 weeks pregnant belly may also experience mood swings and have back pain (ranging from mild to severe). Problems sleeping, leaking urine while laughing, and feeling out of breath are also common for what to expect at 11 weeks pregnant.

Lifestyle Considerations:

Continue with a healthy diet, focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as protein-dense foods and foods rich in iron, folic acid, and calcium.

For exercise, try doing regular movements that strengthen your pelvic muscles, such as a prenatal yoga class. Discuss with your doctor safe exercises to do before you begin any fitness routine.

Your clothes may start to feel a little snug around your 11 weeks pregnant belly. It may be time to start shopping for maternity wear if you have not already done so. Maternity clothes appropriately hug the bump and maternity jeans, or other chosen items can be very comfortable.

General Advice:

If you are not yet shopping for maternity wear when you go for your 11 week ultrasound, the following tip is helpful for extending the number of weeks you can wear regular jeans. Loop a rubber band through the button hole and around the button of your jeans to give you a little extra breathing room when doing up your pants. You can wear a long top over your waistband to hide the fact you cannot do up the top button or pull the zipper up all the way.

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