Toys For Newborn Babies

Babies enter the world with a natural curiosity of their surroundings. They love to study faces and are intrigued by lights and sounds.

Surrounding your infant with safe toys that stimulate her mind will provide a strong foundation for healthy growth and development.

Babies spend most of their days eating and sleeping. A newborn will typically sleep between 14 and 16 hours a day. Soft, soothing toys around the infant’s crib will provide hours of enjoyment. Mobiles are available in many styles and colours. The spinning movement intrigues baby and the soft music soothes and relaxes her.

Your infant can best focus on things that are 8 to 14 inches in front of her. Bright, bold primary colours and high contrasting patterns in black and white are most pleasing and stimulating to a newborn.

Toys with movement and sound will spark your baby’s curiosity and keep her entertained. Infants can not grasp a rattle to play on their own, but they love to watch you shake the toy. By about 2 months old, an infant will begin to bat at her favourite toys with her hands and feet. Soon after, she will learn how to create sounds with toys by herself.

Newborn play

A baby’s enchantment with the human face is a normal part of newborn development. Mirror toys, like a Peek-A-Boo Mirror, will quickly become an infant’s favourite. Easy to push buttons create stimulating sounds while your baby studies herself in the shatter-proof mirror.

Toys are an important part of childhood development. From birth, little ones are quickly learning and growing though their play environment.

Toys that use simple buttons and knobs to create sound or light aid in an infant’s cognitive development. Logic and problem solving skills begin to emerge as your little one learns to use her hands and feet to activate the toy.

Activity centres and play gyms can help in the development of large motor skills as well as cognitive skills. Using her arms and legs, your baby can create enthralling music and lights. Newborns can lie on their backs and play with the colourful pieces that dangle above them as they explore new sounds and movements.

Books are also a vital part of development. Soft, fabric books and chunky board books are perfect for newborns. Reading to your baby not only develops a stronger bond between you and your child, it instils a love of books in your baby that will grow with her. Infants enjoy books with pictures of other babies, textured pages, and books that produce sounds.

Music is a favourite for children of all ages, especially newborns. Infants love sounds and music is integrated into a number of the available toys. Music alone can be just as fascinating to your baby. A small CD player is a great nursery addition. Soft lullabies will lull a baby to sleep, while upbeat songs can be enjoyed during playtime.

The best gift you can give your new baby is the gift of learning. Newborn toys that stimulate with sights, sounds, and textures will soothe and entice your baby as well as help her grow and develop.

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