Week 31 Of Your Pregnancy

Your baby’s eyes become sensitive and he or she may need to close them while sleeping. Your baby is developing regular sleep/wake cycles (probably the reverse of yours). It is very common for babies to give a sharp kick when they wake up from their nap. By this point your baby will probably be head down which means you will be feeling the kicks to your ribcage instead of your bladder. If they are head up, there’s still time for them to turn the other way so don’t worry.


You may be feeling sleep deprived by now. There are probably a few things getting in the way of a good night’s sleep including leg cramps, heartburn, your baby moving around at night and difficulty getting comfortable. You might also be getting up several times a night to go to the toilet.


This is a good week to take the time to buy a car seat and have it properly fitted. Make sure the seat you buy meets all the safety specifications and that it is correctly fitted (if you have any doubts, use a professional fitting service).


If heartburn is a problem try eating dinner an hour earlier than you usually do and prop yourself up with pillows in bed.

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