Top Tips for a DIY Maternity Photo Shoot

Capturing your changing pregnant body through a DIY maternity photo shoot will make for a lovely record of your pregnancy. With such high quality cameras available on our phones, anyone can take a great photo, so here are our top tips for a DIY maternity shoot.

The Case For A DIY Photo Shoot

The best way to capture the joys of pregnancy is to set off with your partner or a friend with the intention of having fun. If you have paid a photographer, there will be an element of stress to ensure you get the ‘right’ shot. And time is money, right? Doing it yourselves means you can turn it in to a fun activity, pack a picnic, go somewhere beautiful and have a bit of fun in front of the camera.

What To Wear

Outfits for a maternity photoshoot are a key consideration because it’s all about your shape. You want to choose clothes that highlight your body shape but don’t eclipse the image.

A flowing dress can make for a very powerful image, particularly if you can capture it billowing in the wind. You may also opt for a tasteful naked shot, for example a milk-bath shot can produce really beautiful results.

Where to Go

If you know you want an outdoor shot, go on a reconnaissance prior to your shoot. You’ll waste too much time otherwise and you’ll be tired before you start. Make sure you visit the spot in the morning, afternoon and evening so you can consider the light at each time of day – morning and dusk are the best times for photography, and if you’re wanting a silhouette shot, sunset is the time to do it. Take some test shots so you can decide what time of you day you like best.

Some ideas for outside locations include the beach, the park, a wooded area or bushland, a local landmark, an attractive bridge, an orchard, or an old train station. If you plan on taking photos for an extended period outside one particular location, seek permission so you’re not moved on before you’ve captured that perfect shot.

Get Comfortable

Wherever you end up, make sure it’s comfortable for everyone. There’s no point perching yourself on a hard stone wall only to find that you can’t stand it. Often unposed shots produce the best photos. So be comfortable in a way that allows playfulness, which will allow you to be captured in a natural way.


Props aren’t necessarily required, but they can certainly help. Think balloons, flowers, a nest, baby clothes or shoes, your ultrasound photo, your pregnancy cravings, a symbol of the place of conception, or anything else that might be relevant to you and your partner.

The key to capturing perfect maternity photos is ensuring that it is a reflection of you. Add in an element of fun so when you look back on the photos years down the track you remember the photo day as fondly as you remember the anticipation and joy of a new baby.

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