Top 20 international baby names inspiration

If you miss exploring other cultures or you haven’t seen your overseas family for a long time, then why not bring some foreign influence to choosing a baby name.

Here is a selection of top 20 baby names from around the world to help inspire you with this big decision of choosing a name for your baby.

10 international girls baby names

Elodie: A French name (it has an accent over the E in France) meaning ‘foreign riches’, it derives from the Spanish variation of Alodia, which is a Gothic German name associated with Saint Alodia. She was a child martyr in 9th century Spain.

Pia: A Latin name meaning ‘from Saint Olympus’, which is also heard in both European and Hindi languages. It’s a short, soft-sounding, yet strong name.

Amelie: The French version of Amelia meaning ‘work’. With a charming Bohemian sound, and a favourite since the 2001 French film Amelie. 

Niamh: An Ancient Irish name that was originally a term for a goddess. It’s a popular choice in Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England.

Saskia: A charming Dutch name meaning ‘Saxon’, it’s been used in Europe since the Middle Ages.

Rumi: A lovely Japanese name meaning ‘beauty, flow, lapis lazuli’, it can be both a boy’s or girl’s name.

Amaia: This pretty Spanish or Basque name means ‘high place or end’. Amaya is a spelling variation, and there’s a similar Japanese name meaning ‘night rain’.

Lilou: A delightful and rarely heard name, it is the French pet or shortened form of Liliane.

Estrella: A Spanish name meaning ‘star’.

Oriana: A dashing and unique medieval name with a Latin origin meaning ‘dawn’.

10 international boys baby names

Alessio: A boys name of Italian origin meaning ‘defender’, it’s simpler than its related Alessandro.

Remi: The French variation of Remy meaning ‘oarsman’, it sounds quite nicknamey and feminine.

Niko: Another worldly variation in the spelling of Nico, meaning ‘victory of the people’. It’s the Finnish version of Nichoals.

Django: A cool name in which the ‘D’ is silent. It comes from the Romani language and means ‘I awake’.

Arjun: A well-known and widely used Hindi name meaning ‘bright, shining, white’, common in India. It’s based on Arjuna, who Indian legend has it was the son of the king of gods, and considered the greatest warrior on earth.

Wolf: Sometimes a shortened version of Wolfgang, this German name can be viewed as fierce or as something quieter.

Cillian: This classic Irish name means ‘war strife’ or ‘church’.

Lucien: A sophisticated and more unique Gallic version of Lucian meaning ‘light’.

Soren: Of Danish and Norwegian origin. It means ‘stern’ but it’s a gentle, soft, and sensitive sounding name.

Kai: Meaning ‘sea’ in Hawaii, Kai has many origins. The name is found in African, Turkish, Chinese, and Native American cultures. It’s only one syllable, but it still packs some power as a strong, evocative multicultural name.

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