5 ways to Celebrate your first Mother’s Day

There is something pretty special about celebrating Mother’s Day following the birth of your first baby.  

It’s the first time you get to be the centre of attention on this special day! 

And while bub might be too small to shower you with gifts, there are ways you can celebrate this special first. 

Here are a few ideas that will leave a lasting memory of your very first Mother’s Day. 

1. A photo diary 

Start from when you wake up, and continue taking special snapshots of both you and your baby throughout the day. Get some help from your baby daddy or other family members to ensure you have a few pics of you and baby together. 

2. Sleep in! 

Whether or not you actually sleep in might be up to baby, but that doesn’t mean you can stay in bed to a crazy hour. Bring bub into bed with you for a snuggle or if they’re asleep, enjoy a cup of tea and your favourite book. 

3. Smell the roses

Or whatever flower takes your fancy. As your significant other to take bub on a trip to collect a selection of beautiful smelling flowers to fill your home. Press and dry your favourite as a memento of your special day. 

4. Eat like a Queen!

Maybe you’ve been watching your diet since baby’s arrival – but today is the day to throw all that aside! Whether you head out or stay home, make sure your day is filled with your favourite foods, treats and drinks. Make yourself feel as special as you are. 

5. Keep notes

No matter how amazing your first Mother’s Day is, it’s easy to forget the details as life goes back to normal. Why not keep a diary of the day, writing down special moments or thoughts as they come to you. You’ll be able to look back on your day and smile as you’re reminded of those small, but treasured, moments. 

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