Top 20 trending baby names of 2022

Are you struggling to find the perfect name for your impending arrival? It’s probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent-to-be, so whilst it can be exciting, it’s also incredibly intimidating and overwhelming (there are endless options to choose from, aren’t there?!).

We hope the following list of 20 trending baby names helps to make this sometimes stressful task a little easier for you.

You may have noticed that Oliver and Isla have been the most popular baby names for the past three years in Australia, but what about this year? We’re starting to see non-traditional names, biblical themes, and names inspired by royalty increasing in popularity.

So, let’s find out what names are trending, and whether popular names of 2021 are still hot contenders: Oliver, Noah, Jack, William, and Leo were top on the boys’ list, and Charlotte, Amelia, Isla, Olivia, and Mia were in the top 10 of girls’ names.

This list of most popular baby names was created by analysing over a million name ratings by CharliesNames.

Top 10 trending baby girl names of 2022

1. Èloise

Meaning: Healthy and Wide

Origin: Germanic


2. Yael

Meaning: Mountain goat

Origin: Biblical name of Hebrew origin


3. Mila

Meaning: Dear, Pleasant, and Gracious

Origin: Slavic


4. Kyjara

Meaning: Famous, Clear, and Bright

Origin: Variant on the name Klara; of Latin origin


5. Letitia/Leticia

Meaning: Happiness and Joy

Origin: Latin


6. Lily/Lilly/Lili/Lillie

Meaning: Purity and Innocence

Origin: Short variant of Elizabeth; of Hebrew origin


7. Charlotte

Meaning: Free woman, Warrior, and Army

Origin: Feminine French diminutive of Charles


8. Milya

Meaning: Favour of the people, and Dark or Black

Origin: Slavic and Greek


9. Mia/Miah/Mya/Mía

Meaning: Sea of bitterness, Drop of the sea, Rebelliousness, Beloved, Wished for child

Origin: Hebrew


10. Amelia

Meaning: Brave, Diligent

Origin: Old High German


Top 10 trending baby boy names of 2022

1. Timothé/Timothée

Meaning: Honouring God

Origin: French


2. Lucas/Lukas

Meaning: Light, Bringer of light, Bright one

Origin: Greek


3. Ikarus

Meaning: Follower

Origin: Greek


4. Oliver

Meaning: Olive tree, and Ancestor’s descendents

Origin: Old Norse, and stems from Latin


5. Danylo

Meaning: God is my judge

Origin: Ukrainian form of Daniel (a biblical name of Hebrew origin)


6. Darwin

Meaning: Dear friend

Origin: Old English


7. Alexander

Meaning: Defending men

Origin: Derived from Ancient Greek name Aléxandros


8. Fynn/Fin/Finn

Meaning: White, Fair, and Person of Finland

Origin: Scandinavian and Irish


9. William

Meaning: Resolute protector, Strong-willed warrior

Origin: English roots; originally comes from an Old German name


10. Oscar/Oskar

Meaning: God’s spear, Deer lover, and Deer friend

Origin: Old English, Old High German, and Irish mythology


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