Spending Mother’s Day in isolation? We see you

With the current restrictions and Mother’s Day coming up, we want you to know that we recognise the unique and individual ways you’re being impacted by this global crisis. Life is crazy right now, and wherever you are in your motherhood journey…however you’re feeling is okay, and we see you all.

Trying to conceive mummas, we see you

For those of you who are wondering if you should put off trying for a baby until this pandemic is over—please remember that only you know when it’s the right time. For those of you who were going through already challenging fertility treatments, but it had to be postponed, we feel deeply for you and are sorry this has happened.

Pregnant mummas, we see you

For those who are enjoying a slower pace and relishing in the opportunity to be present during pregnancy, that’s wonderful. For those who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or even angry about being pregnant during a pandemic, it’s okay not to be okay. This situation we find ourselves in isn’t ideal, whether it’s your first or fifth baby. You might find this article reassuring, mumma-to-be.

Postpartum mummas, we see you

We know you need your village right now to provide hands-on help, but they’ll be there ready to support you when the time comes. Remember that you’re isolated to keep you and your baby safe, and we know you can do this! Think of all that endless skin-to-skin contact without visitors interrupting you. All your baby needs right now is you. There is plenty of free virtual professional help out there for parents, so don’t hesitate to reach out for support. You’re never alone in any of this.

Mummas with babies and other little ones, we see you

Those of you who are struggling through teething babies, toddler tantrums, and homeschooling, and perhaps even juggling paid work from home…you’re incredible, and we know how exhausted you are, how much you’re craving to get life back to normal, and how much you’re aching for some time to yourself. You are not alone, mumma, and we’ve got your back. You always have our large and lovely community on our Facebook page to turn to, and don’t forget that you can message us with questions you’d like us to ask other mummas. We will all get through this together.

Mummas who miss their own mums, we see you

Those of you who normally celebrate Mother’s Day with your own mother or a special mother figure in your life, our heart breaks for you. We know you miss her, and would do anything to hug her and tell her how much she means to you.

Perhaps this is the perfect time for some reflection, and to acknowledge and celebrate ALL of the amazing mums you know, and let them know how incredible each one is. Give them a call, send them a message, a card, or a gift—we could all do with hearing how appreciated we are and what a great job we’re doing, particularly during this strange time.

We see each one of you, mummas. This season will pass, and we’ll all be even more stronger for it.


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