I was very excited to try PregmaPlus+ as I wasn’t aware there was a soluble pregnancy multi-vitamin option on the market.

I was impressed that PregmaPlus+ came in two different stages (stage 1 and  Stage 2) that targets the different needs in your pregnancy. I have been taking stage 1 all through my first trimester.

First Look

It’s available as tin form to get to get the most use out of your product or you can also purchase Pregma+ in a super convenient portioned sachet form.

PregmaPlus Mummy Review


When I first tried PregmaPlus+ I was a bit naive about the taste, powdered drinks can have and after taste and often don’t mix well. However, it blended and mixed so easily when just mixed with water. I personally think it tastes like milk, with a little more body to it.

I have started adding PregmaPlus+ to my daily smoothies. It  adds a nice subtle vanilla flavour.

PregmaPlus Mummy Review


During my first trimester I found it hard to take tablets and my appetite was zero to none due to my nausea. I found PregmaPlus+ stage 1 very effective. It was a game changer in keeping my nausea at bay and for giving me a little more energy for the day.

The added ginger and B6 in PregmaPlus+ stage 1, meant I could get some relief from morning sickness and feel human again! 
it really helped in making sure I was able to take in all essential vitamins and minerals for foetal development. The high content of folic acid (which is crucial for neurological development), iron, iodine and calcium (for her developing body) gave me a peace of mind I was giving my baby the best start.

Having used stage 1 already in my pregnancy I naturally went onto stage 2, which is tailored for second and third trimesters. I found the high quality of the product continues on in providing the best nutritional needs for my developing baby.

I have more energy and the convenient sachets make it super easy to make at work. As a busy nurse, It means I can put some sachets in my scrubs and have my drink on the go throughout my shift.

PregmaPlus Mummy Review


I’ve already been recommending this product to my colleagues at works and other mums-to-be. if you struggle with tablets, It’s so practical and convenient to drink. The bonus for us nurses, is even if you miss your break, you can be reassured baby is getting what they need and we are getting the hydration and energy to keep us going!

To find out more about PregmaPlus+ Stage 1 or 2 see the Nutracare website here

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