Top 10 Baby Monitors – 2019

In your baby’s first weeks and months, a baby monitor can give you peace of mind while they sleep. You can check on your snoozing bub while you get on with your never-ending to-do list (or better yet, put your feet up!). A baby monitor also helps you to determine what kind of noises your baby is making, and whether you should rush in, or allow them time to grunt and snuffle before resettling themselves.

There are numerous baby monitors on the market, from the basic audio monitor to the high tech Smart gadgets that can make your job as a parent a little easier. So, trying to decide which one to choose depends on your budget, how many cameras you want throughout the house, the style that appeals to you, and your preference for video, audio, audio-video, or a breathing and movement monitor.

We know how precious your time (and sleep!) is, so we’ve put together a list of baby monitors to save you time:

Top 10 Baby Monitors

Oricom SC740 Video Baby Monitor

Oricom SC740

✔️ Large 4.3″ display
✔️ Motion auto tracking
✔️ Motion detection
✔️ Baby friendly night vision
✔️ Parent talk back
✔️ Room temperature display and alert
✔️ Digital volume control
✔️ White noise(womb sounds and vacuum cleaner)
✔️ Soothing lullabies
✔️ Rechargeable lithium battery included (Parent Unit)
✔️ Feeding timer
✔️ Up to 8 hours battery life (with power save enabled)
✔️ Multi-camera capable up to 4 units. Additional cameras sold separately(CU740)


Price: $249 – Read the review here

Kodak Smart Home Cherish C525 Smart Video Monitor

kodak c525


✔ 5.0 inch HD screen and mobile app
✔ Infrared night vision
✔️ Long range (up to 4,000 feet) and WiFi connectivity work with the KODAK Smart Home App

✔ HD Camera
✔ Two-way audio
✔️Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom

Price: $399

Oricom Babysense 7 Breathing & Movement Monitor


✔️ Two sensor pads for full cot coverage
✔️ Audible alarm when baby’s breathing rate slows or cannot be detected
✔️ Battery-operated

✔️ Babysense7 is intended for use as an Infant Apnoea Alarm

Price: $329 Read Review here

Secure 720p Digital Video Baby Monitor



✔️ 2.4 inch colour LCD display
✔️ Baby-friendly night vision
✔️ Room temperature display/alert
✔️ Multi camera capability
✔️ Adjustable night light

Price: $229 Read Review here

VTech BM4500 Video Monitor owl



✔️ 4.3 inch colour display
✔️ Multi camera capability
✔️ Room temperature display/alert
✔️ Baby-friendly night vision
✔️ Soothing lullabies
✔️ All camera functions controlled from parent unit

Price: $239

Motorola MBP36s Video and Sound Baby Monitor



✔️ 3.5 inch video monitor
✔️ Temperature display/alert
✔️ Multi camera capability
✔️ Soothing lullabies
✔️ All camera functions controlled from parent unit

Price: $249

Arlo Video Baby Monitor



✔️ All-in-one smart monitor with free app to view live anytime anywhere
✔️ Instant email or mobile alerts whenever motion or audio is detected
✔️ Air sensors/alerts
✔️ Smart multi-coloured night light
✔️ Smart music player
✔️ Advanced night vision

Price: $229

Uniden BW3101 Video Baby Monitor



✔️ 4.3 inch colour LCD display
✔️ Remote viewing via Smartphone app
✔️ Temperature display/alert
✔️ Multi camera capability
✔️ Night vision and night light

Price: $189

iBaby M7 Video Baby Monitor



✔️ Use the free App for live viewing on your device
✔️ Temperature, air quality, and humidity sensors/alerts
✔️ Nappy and feeding alerts
✔️ Calming moon and star projections
✔️ Soothing lullabies and bedtime stories (or connect to your own audio library)
✔️ Baby-friendly night vision

Price: $341

Angelcare AC417 Baby Video, Sound and Movement Monitor



✔️ 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen parent unit
✔️ Under the mattress wireless movement sensor tracks subtle movements (like breathing)
✔️ Room temperature display/alert
✔️ Baby-friendly night vision
✔️ Multi camera capability
✔️ Pre-alarm will sound after 15 seconds if no movement is detected, then an alarm will sound after 20 seconds

Price: $459

All of these baby monitors are designed to ensure the safety of your baby, but please remember that they are additional aids to the normal precautions you need to take when keeping an eye on your sleeping little one.

The other wonderful benefit of monitors is that you can watch your baby anytime you like. That means you can cherish your beautiful bub while they doze peacefully without disturbing them.