Christmas through your baby’s and toddler’s eyes

This Christmas, please remember that I’m only little

I know that you want to make it a magical time for me, but I don’t understand the meaning of it (yet)


You seem stressed and busier than usual which makes me uncomfortable and anxious

I sense all of your emotions and I reflect them like a mirror


You might notice that I’m crying and fussing more

And that I want to be in your arms more than ever because I’m feeling a little scared


I might wake more overnight but it’s not because I don’t want to sleep

I just want to know you’re there and to reconnect with you after a busy day


The bright lights, noise, shopping, and travelling are all overwhelming to my developing senses

I don’t want to ruin Christmas, but I may express how big all of this for me


This time is exhausting for both of us, so we need lots of rest

Please try to keep to my normal bedtime (and you will feel better with early nights too)


I’m sorry that I’m not feeding or napping like I normally do

I’m out of routine and don’t cope well with big changes or transitions


It’s nice to see all of our family, but I may not like to be passed around and touched

I know they want to see me, but it’s okay to say no to them


If anyone gives their opinion on how you feed me or how I sleep

Please just tell them that it’s working for us. I know you’re doing your best for me


Please notice when it’s getting too much for me

When we’re around lots of people and noise, feel free to take me to another room and hold me


If I erupt with big feelings or don’t seem grateful to receive gifts, I’m sorry, I can’t help it

My immature brain can’t deal with stress and change very well


I’m only little once

It’s alright to say no this year to some Christmas activities


What I need right now is for you to slow down to my pace and just be with me

To see the world through my eyes


Because when you do, you’ll see that all I want is you and your love

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