20 positive affirmations for new mums

Even with all the best support, love, and education surrounding the postpartum period, life as a new mum is hard. Sometimes it’s really hard and all-consuming. The days are long and the nights are even longer (and lonelier). A little self-love and a quick pep talk can help you get through those times when motherhood just feels like too much.

Here are 20 simple positive affirmations you can say to yourself when you’re struggling, or find one to focus on that resonates with you each day to bring you back to yourself and shift your mindset. Say them out loud two or three times a day, or close your eyes and think about them and their meaning.

You might like to print them out and stick them on the wall where you’ll see them, such as where you feed your baby or change their nappy. Save them to the home screen of your phone or computer so they’re there as a reminder.

20 positive affirmations for new mums:


  1. I care for myself so I can care for others.
  2. I won’t always be sleep-deprived.
  3. I cannot control my baby’s sleep. It is developmental and driven by biology processes.
  4. I won’t always get it right, and that’s okay. I’m learning. 
  5. I cannot meet everyone’s needs. I’m only one person, who also has needs.
  6. I am the expert on my baby, and I trust my parenting instincts. 
  7. I am doing the best I can as a mother with the information and support I have. 
  8. My baby doesn’t have the brainpower to manipulate. Their cries are communication. 
  9. Being productive is allowing myself the time to slow down and enjoy my baby. 
  10. I will ask for and accept the help from others. It doesn’t mean I’m failing motherhood. It means I’m strong.
  11. My baby’s sleep is not a reflection of my parenting skills.
  12. I don’t have to justify my parenting choices to anyone. 
  13. My baby is unique so I choose not to compare them to anyone else. 
  14. There are no bad habits if it’s working for the whole family. 
  15. I’m not alone. There are millions of other mums who are struggling like me right now. 
  16. I’m doing nothing wrong and everything right by responding to my baby’s needs.
  17. If it’s not a problem for me and my baby, it’s not a problem.
  18. Today has been hard. How can I get my needs met tomorrow?
  19. I have grown and are nurturing a small human. I deserve to heal and to be happy.
  20. I am grateful for my family, and I am an important part of their lives.