Breastfeeding doesn’t look the same for everyone!

To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, 1-7 August, 2016, leading breastfeeding experts, Medela Australia, surveyed over 4000 Australian women to discover attitudes towards breast feeding experiences and it is reassuring to know that new mums are not alone when it comes to the experiences faced during their breast feeding journey.

Over 70% of women surveyed had, or were, currently breastfeeding and despite 9 out of 10 of these mums experiencing breast feeding challenges – 22% experienced too much or too little milk supply, 20% experienced sore nipples, as well as a myriad of less common issues such as mastitis, latching on, and tongue-tie, it is comforting to know that despite these common challenges, most mums continued to breastfeed successfully!

The #1 reason why mums persevered with breastfeeding was for the health benefits for both baby and mum. Approximately 90% of the women who continued to breastfeed, did so for this reason.

Results reveal many women put pressure on themselves to breastfeed because of the health benefits breastfeeding provides, yet most go on to experience associated challenges. The MyMedela app, is a personal digital companion providing practical advice, tips and tricks from experts on pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, whilst post birth, acts as an efficient tracking tool to monitor babies progress in key areas such as breastfeeding to suit mums’ needs today.

Watch this short video of mums sharing their honest experiences and tips from their breastfeeding journey.


Medela Infographic - Breastfeeding - August


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