Benefits of using organic cotton for babies in summer

With summer on the way in Australia, it’s almost time to put away the knitwear, snuggly blankets, and warmer baby clothing and go for something more lightweight. Babies have incredibly sensitive skin, so the obvious choice for everyday summer clothing and bedding is gentle, breathable fabrics like cotton.

Benefits of using organic cotton for babies in summer

However, you might be surprised to learn that standard cotton is unfortunately not necessarily the safest option for our little ones. Pesticides are sprayed on cotton plants and harsh chemicals are used in the production process.

These chemicals (which are designed to remain in the textiles for life, even after washing!) are directly linked to reproductive problems, cancer, and neurological impairment.

As parents, we always want the best for our children. To protect them from exposure to these types of chemicals, you can choose organic cotton. There are several widely known benefits of using organic cotton, which you will discover here.

Benefits of using organic cotton for babies in summer

Every step of the process is chemical-free

Choosing an organic cotton product that is GOTS certified (The Global Organic Textile Standard), which is the highest certification, ensures that the entire process – from growing the cotton crops, processing the cotton, to dyeing it and printing it – is a natural, chemical-free one.

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Safe for your baby’s skin

Because your little one’s skin is five times thinner than yours and highly sensitive, they can absorb chemicals quicker than adults. Non-organic cotton is processed using bleaches, dyes, and other chemicals that are linked with eczema, dermatitis, and other skin allergies. Choosing organic cotton baby clothes and baby blankets reduces the chance of your baby developing these skin conditions.

Benefits of using organic cotton for babies in summer 4

Gentle and softer

Organic cotton goes through a gentler manufacturing process and the result is a dramatically softer, breathable, more comfortable fabric than others. This is particularly important as the fabric is against a baby’s skin all day and night in their clothing, bedding, and swaddles. The wonderful thing about it is that organic cotton gets softer the more it’s washed.

Benefits of using organic cotton for babies in summer 3

Reduces overheating

As the temperatures rise, choosing the right fabrics can prevent bub from becoming too warm. Using lightweight organic cotton baby clothes helps to absorb moisture, allows breathability, keeping babies fresh, comfortable, and able to better regulate their temperature.

Benefits of using organic cotton for babies in summer 2

Saves money and the environment

Organic cotton is a great investment as it’s more durable and long-lasting. You can pass it down to other children knowing that you’re also protecting their future. Because it’s free from pesticides, organic cotton production helps to maintain soil fertility, and reduces carbon footprints.

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