Out and about with baby: Keeping bottles and food warm

Even on the days when the weather’s not ideal, you’ll probably want to (or need to, for your own sanity!) get out and about with your beautiful little bundle. But, what do you do about keeping bottles and food warm for your baby’s adventures?

How can I heat up my baby’s food?

Simply heat up your baby’s food at home on the stove or in the microwave before you go out. Pour some boiling water into a thermos to heat it up for five minutes, and then tip it out before adding the heated food. That way it will be ready to eat when the next meal time comes around. Don’t forget a bib, wipes, and spoon. Check out some of our lovely recipes here. 

How can I heat up my baby’s breastmilk bottles?

If your bottles of expressed breastmilk become too cold when you’re on the go, you could also use a thermos half-filled with boiling water, so that when it comes time for a feed, you can pop a bottle of breastmilk in it for a minute or two. Alternatively, you could ask at a restaurant or cafe for a bowl of hot water to heat it in.

How can I heat up my baby’s formula bottles?

It’s best not to heat baby formula before you go out, because it becomes a bacteria breeding ground. There are two ways you could heat a bottle of formula on the go. Fill a sterile thermos with boiled water and allow it to cool slightly before you leave the house (a good quality thermos will generally stay hot for a few hours).

Alternatively, you could pre-fill your sterilised bottles with the correct amount of cooled boiled water. When your baby is ready for a feed, you could simply mix the pre-measured formula and room temperature water together. If the water has become too cold or your baby prefers it to be slightly warmer, you could heat it as above for breastmilk in a thermos or jug of hot water for a few minutes until it reaches the right temperature.

You’ll also need to pack some sterilised bottles, and small, clean containers to store pre-measured portions of formula.

A final easy option is to use the small, sealed cartons of ready-made formula and pour into a sterilised bottle. Give the bottle to your baby at room temperature or gently heat it in hot water as above.

Ensure it’s the right temperature

Always check the temperature of the milk or food before offering it to your baby, even if it’s been in the flask for hours. A few drops on the inside of your wrist should feel warm, not hot. If it’s too hot, run the tightly closed bottle or thermos under cold water or sit in a cool jug of water.

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