How to achieve post-pregnancy vitality

Let’s face it, the idea of having vitality with a new born seems like an oxymoron, but it is possible. It is important to be gentle with yourself – turn away from unrealistic images of celebrity post-baby bodies. Turn your attention inward – to yourself, your baby and your family. These are your life-source, the same way that you are your baby’s life force.

Here are a few ideas for navigating your way back to feeling wonderful, from the inside out, after pregnancy.

Don’t skip breakfast

Having breakfast is a great way to kick start your metabolism for the day. Even if you don’t feel hungry, eating something within half an hour of getting up for the day will help keep your energy levels stable, avoiding that 11am crash. This is even more important if you’re breast feeding. Try to include fresh unprocessed food like  eggs, fresh fruit and yogurt or a smoothie full of fruit and veg.

Stay hydrated

I know you’re probably sick of hearing about how much water you need to drink. It’s is extra important if you’re breastfeeding because if you’re dehydrated it may affect your milk supply. But regular dehydration can cause headaches, constipation, dry skin and dizziness. None of which you want to endure when you’re looking after a new born. A great way to remember to drink more is when you sit down to feed your baby, bring a glass of water with you and aim to finish it by the end of the feed.

Leave the house

Some days getting out of the house can feel like climbing Mt Everest. But trust me, even just breathing fresh air will help you feel more energised – even on very little sleep. Bundle your baby in the pram and take a stroll around the block, to your local park or to the nearest cafe for a coffee. Even better, schedule some ‘me time’ – yoga, a gym session or a massage. Getting out of the house even once a day will help you feel better than if you stay indoors.

Limit the blue light

If you’re on your phone a lot, especially while feeding, the blue light that your device emits could be interfering with your sleep. If you make a concerted effort to keep device use to a minimum after five pm, you’ll probably find it easier to fall asleep after the night-feeds.

Take a Nanna-nap

A short nap in the day time might just be the key to you getting through the day. Try and have a quick nap at least once when you put your baby to sleep. Sleep deprivation really can affect your world-view but topping up what you miss out on overnight might be exactly what you need. The housework will keep, and you’ll be a better Mum and partner if you’re not a walking zombie.

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