Five Mum Milestones Worth Celebrating

It’s perfectly natural to become completely absorbed with your baby’s development and there’s plenty of information out there on milestones to feed that interest (read: addiction). But it’s important to remember your own achievements as a Mum, so here’s a list of some of those Mum milestones that only those in deep in the parenting trenches will understand.

The first time your Insta scrolling completely steals your attention

We’ve all had that moment when Insta is so fascinating that you forget that the baby can climb independently. Then you hear the thump, and then the almighty roar. While not strictly cause for celebration, you’ve officially made it to the imperfect parenting club.

Your first public shaming by a stranger

Strangers love to tell Mums what they’re doing wrong. You can be guaranteed someone will curse you because your baby pulled their socks off and it’s 12 degrees outside. It won’t be an isolated incident, but once you recover from their rudeness you can start making list of all the quick-witted come backs you can use next time ‘Mrs Mangle’ sticks her nose in.

The first time you see merit in making ‘mum friends’.

You just didn’t want to be part of the dreaded ‘mummy club’ but you you’ve realised that parenting can be lonely sometimes. Mum friends want to escape the four walls of their house too, and once you’ve got your ‘mum gang’ you’ll be so happy you found them, you’ll wonder what you ever did without them.

Your first hangover

Again, it may not initially be cause for celebration but this is a milestone you’re not likely to forget in a while. Your aching head, mouth like the desert, and the baby poking you in the eye, pulling your hair, or god-forbid wanting food! It’s worth celebrating because, just for a minute, you were you again; not someone’s Mumma. Being you is worth celebrating.

The first time your child profoundly embarrasses you

The first time of many, so take in the moment. If your child is still too little and cute to do this, listen up and heed this advice. Curb your use of salty language; cursing and swear words will come back to haunt you. These words will be repeated back to when you least expect it – and I can promise, you will not be alone. But soothe yourself with this, when they become a teenager it will be payback time!

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