Hands up to those who decide what they are going to wear based on how easy it is to breastfeed! This is my life everyday. I’m always on the hunt for easy, accessible breastfeeding tops and bras which can make my life that little bit easier and I think I have found the one. Medela’s nursing range has been developed and adapted for us breastfeeding Mamas.

Quality of the product 

As soon as I received my package I had ripped open the cardboard box to take a look at the goodies. At first look the tank and the bra looked a little small. I am quite petite being only 155cm and usually a size 6 top so smalls are my usual go to size. The clips looked very durable though as I have had previous clips break on me before and the overall stitching of the product was done very neatly and with care. The fabric like they advertised is also very super soft!

Ease of use

Medela Review

One of the main points they had advertised was how easy it was to undo the straps for feeding and how it avoids interference of fabric when breastfeeding. As I co-sleep with my little one I thought the best way to test this theory was to wear it at night.

Sleeping in it was very comfortable and I did not feel to constricted in both the tank and bra. The tank was probably mg favourite to sleep in as it provided that little bit more of extra warmth. The clips were very easy to undo even in my sleepy state. The bra did not get caught in the way of feeding but the tank did flip up a few times.

During the day I had tried on each product at separate occasions. As I like to keep myself occupied I am out on a hike or doing a Mum & bubs fitness class. After lots of dancing, sweating and bouncing around, my breasts felt quite supported.

Overall they were very easy to feed in, and because there is no under wiring, it made it very comfortable to wear without compromising support.


After a few days testing the Medela nursing bra and tank out and having to constantly settle my teething baby with my breast, I am absolutely in love with the tank! I did not need to wear a bra underneath for extra support and I could easily pop on a cardigan over the tank if needed more warmth. The bra was a little bit small for me, so unfortunately it was not as comfortable. If I was to get a bigger size for the bra I’m sure it would have the same support though. Due to how easy it was for me to feed, the nice slim fit and the comfort of the extra soft material.