I was initially a little skeptical of the Medela Nursing Wear products as I only knew Medela for their breast pumps and expressing/feeding equipment. They also currently only have a small range of nursing wear but after road testing a couple of these items it seems they do these few products well.

I gave the Medela Nursing bra and tank top a go. Both are made of beautiful soft, stretchy material and are super comfy.

Medela Nursing Bra and Tank

First Look

At first glance, the bra does look a little like a string bikini but actually stretches to fit really nicely and gives good coverage, even for bigger boobs. The tank top is also a nice fit although a little on the loose side around the mid-section for me now, but I think it would be perfect during pregnancy and postpartum. Plus the white is a really nice bright white (I’m really fussy with my white clothes – none of this off-white nonsense that looks like it’s been through the wash a hundred times thanks).


The tank top only comes in sizes S/M, L and XL so being a size 10-12 I ordered the S/M. It fits a little loosely around the mid-section now that I have lost most of my pregnancy weight but I imagine it would be perfect for support during pregnancy and slimming during those early weeks postpartum (I lived in nursing camis in hospital and for the first couple of months).

Medela Nursing Bra and Tank

I must have been having a skinny day when I ordered the bra as I chose the smaller size (S) and when I took the bra out of the packaging I thought for sure I had made a mistake – this thing would be lucky to fit over my big toe. Pre-pregnancy I was a 10-12 DD.  Now that I’m breastfeeding I’m guessing I’m around an E-F cup. However, when I put the bra on I was pleasantly surprised; it fitted well and was surprisingly supportive. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend going for a jog in it but I’d feel confident and comfortable wearing it as an everyday, casual bra. It also gives good shape compared to other similar maternity bras that I’ve tried (mono-boob anyone?).

For anyone in between a size 10 and 12 and with bigger boobs I’d probably recommend trying the Medium just for a bit of extra side boob support.

Medela Nursing Bra and Tank


Love the stretch and softness of the fabric. Even though the material is super stretchy, the bra in particular still gives good support.

Medela Nursing Bra and Tank

Ease of Use

The clips are a bit stiff to start with but loosen up after a few goes. Easy enough for even the clumsiest of sleep-deprived mummas to use with one hand whilst holding bubs with the other. The slim support strap down the side also means there is less fabric to get in the way when feeding.

Medela Nursing Bra and Tank


Pricing is mid-range whilst the products rival some of the more expensive brands for quality (trust me, I’ve tried everything from Best & Less to Hotmilk).


Excellent quality products made with beautiful fabric. Thumbs up, Medela!



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