Activities for Baby Boys and Girls

Playing is an extremely important part of any newborn baby development and choosing the correct baby activities to start at a given age will not only make the bond with your child stronger, but will dramatically improve the time when they reach each development stage of their first few years.

It is important to remember that each child will develop differently and will be able to do certain things at different times from other children. Even though we all want out children to learn quickly always remember not to push them into doing something new, but rather encourage them.

Babies learn new skills at an incredibly fast rate and neglecting play time can be detrimental to their motor, hearing and speech skills. They need to be stimulated on a daily basis in order for them to develop well. Activities for babies must be entertaining and educational as little ones can become distracted and bored very easily. Many people think that with a newborn baby it is not so important to play with them and that in the first few months of their lives all you need to worry about is baby feeding, nappy changing and bathing. However, during the first few months of your child’s life they are learning many things and your newborn baby development starts from day one.

Creative Activities for Babies

A great activity that you can play with your one week old is finger puppets. This game will help with their visual recognition and interactivity skills. Newborn babies’ sight is very limited and bringing an object to around 15cm from their face will bring their eyes to life as they try focusing and following the objects.

Finger puppets are easy enough to make out of art paper and some coloured pens and do not have to be expensive store bought baby toys. Make some animal faces or anything else you like, the whole idea of this game is to introduce them to shapes and movements. Bring your hand slowly towards your babies face and watch them as they focus on your fingers. When you can see they are focused, slowly bend each finger towards them and introduce each character.

Moving your fingers from side to side will get their eyes moving as they try to follow the shapes. No matter what game you are playing with your new baby it is important to speak to them and describe what you are doing and what each character, colour or texture is. Babies are absolute sponges when it comes to new information and the more words you add to each game, the better their vocabulary will be once they start talking.

During the first couple of months of their life some of the free activities for babies are able to teach them about their new surroundings just as well as expensive toys. A baby blanket can be great fun and educational at the same time. Most new parents have a baby nursery that is full of baby clothing, baby toys and other baby gifts that they received when their little bundle of joy was born.

Baby clothing is soft and your little one is always reaching and trying to grab things for a reason, they want to touch, feel and hold things to learn, so use your baby gift of clothes or rattles and let them feel the textures all the while explain what they are and what colours they are composed of.

Outdoor Activities for Baby

There are many things that one can do to entertain your newborn baby inside the house, but outdoors has its own unique baby activities that are sure to delight. Music activities for babies teach them not only melody, harmony and ultimately a love for music, but if you lay your baby on their baby blanket and move the radio around they will move their heads trying to follow the sound.

Trees, flowers, grass and everything nature has to offer are excellent learning tools to use for teaching them all about colours, shapes and sounds. The great thing about nature is that it offers so many free activities for babies that are not only educational but a very good habit to get your little one into. As their bodies develop, spending an hour a day running around the garden or park is important for their physical development.

Baby Swimming

One of the most amazing outdoor activities for baby boys and baby girls, that will teach them trust is swimming. From as young as six months, some even earlier, babies can swim under water between parents for a short distance. This needs to be taught over a long period and under strict professional supervision, but the whole process is a great way for you to bond with your child and learning to swim will be extremely beneficial for them when they are old enough to swim properly as swimming is one of the most complete exercises for children as well as adults.

Making sure that your baby is learning through play is part of bringing them up fit and healthy. Learning about baby health issues means learning what makes your newborn baby healthy mentally, physically and spiritually and baby activities definitely help develop all three areas.

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